Diamond/Jungle Carpet Pythons
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Welcome to Happy Herps! This site was created by my husband Bob and myself Cecelia to share with you our love for our "herps" and to hopefully help new herp owners to give their charges the care they need. We are currently working with: Tangerine Honduran Milksnakes, Albino Honduran Milksnakes, Anerythristic Honduran Milksnakes, Albino  and  het for Albino Nelson's Milksnakes, Sinaloan Milksnakes, Cornsnakes of various color phases, Leucistic Texas Ratsnakes (blue-eyed), Western Hognose Snakes, Classic Desert Phase and Albino California Kingsnakes, Thayer's (Variable) Kingsnakes, Diamond/Jungle Carpet Pythons, Royal (Ball) Pythons, Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos (various color phases) and African Fat-Tailed Geckos. We also have  0.1 Pink Toe Tarantula!  We are not "experts" but offer what we do know and what has worked for us. The sharing of knowledge is what makes this hobby great! Here you can place FREE reptile classifieds, read caresheets, use our forum, see many pictures, and have access to many other fine sites. We offer help via email and have corresponded with folks from all over the globe! Most of our snakes and lizards we have raised from tiny babies and were hand selected to be our future breeding stock. Some of our resident "pets" were rescued from bad places...their stories are here to read & some we just simply adopted. In this great hobby we have made many friends. We enjoy our work in rescuing, re-habilitating and adopting snakes. We are avid field-herpers and enjoy photographing the various herps we find!  There are always critters coming to live here, and we try to do everything we can to make them..."Happy Herps"! Thanks for visiting! We try to continuously add interesting material to the site, so check back often!
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