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Established in 1996, Aardwolf has grown to be one of the most popular MUDs online with over 400 players online at any time. After over 7 years of development, the MUD bears little resemblance to the original. Seven classes to remort into and a 'tiers' system allows for a combination of 14,070 total levels, meaning you're going to be busy for quite a few weekends. Completely revised statistics that actually MEAN something, you'll be able to create the character of your dreams.
Players can acquire quest and trivia points through automated quests, competitive global quests or lengthy and difficult 'campaigns'. These points can be used to purchasing a manor, to buy 'wishes' to make gaming lives easier, or spent on a wide range of special equipment and weapons. Want more? Nearly 30 specialised player run clans with a variety of themes for everyone. Optional PlayerKilling available to these clans, or if that's not to your taste, some of these clans are none PK.
How about wars, where players can compete in teams based on race, class, rank, or just have a free for all? Or visit one of the many combat mazes on the MUD, where anything goes. Or challenge someone to a duel using our interference-free duel system. Or, if you're not feeling particularly violent, choose from one of the dozens of fully customisable channels available and simply chat to your heart's content. And this is only the basics. We have lasertag arenas, blackjack tables, florists, t-shirt shops. We even, for some reason, have weasels. Give Aardwolf a try today.
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TIRED of investing hundreds of hours of play and development in a MUD that wipes the pfiles, changes management, has an uncomfortable social environment, disappears, or has less than 140 actual players on?
We were too, so we created the Avatar System, which has been a stable MUD for FIVE years! And we continue to evolve! We offer what is possibly the most friendly and helpful newbie guidance on the 'net, yet as you progress, the challenge increases so that even veteran power mudders are never bored for long.
Our Coding and Area Staff have been working on our system for almost 7 years, and have continued striving to provide a superior gaming environment which is appropriate for all ages and walks of life, not just CompSci guys.
Some features include: ** We've got over 20 races and classes with 50 mortal levels! ** Morphing allows evolution through 999 Hero, Lord, Legend and Titan Levels!!! ** Rational combat routines and calibrated spell lists (in color) ** Our famous HOGathons, to help you with those occasional ruts! ** Too many features to list within our space here... :( ;) Come try us out, you'll be glad you did! Our 14,000+ players are
Cyber Nations Welcome to Cyber Nations, a nation simulation game. Create a nation anywhere in the world and decide how you will rule your people by choosing a government type, a national religion, ethnicity, tax rate, currency type, and more in this new geo-political, nation, and government simulator. Build your empire by purchasing infrastructure to support your citizens, land to expand your borders, technology to increase your nation's effectiveness, and national improvements to build your nation according to your choosing.
Trukz Trukz is a text based trucking simulation game where you create your driver, buy yourself a truck, then earn money by hauling loads to and from various cities around the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Central America. Each city has its own distinct supplies and demands that update throughout the game.
With the cash that you earn for successful deliveries you can buy upgrades to improve your truck, purchase various items for your driver, and eventually even buy a brand new truck.
Game play is simple but addicting. Real-life driver issues, including fatigue, diesel fuel prices, weather, speeding tickets, and driving overloaded come into play so there is always something that demands your attention. Trukz incorporates realistic climates and weather patterns that make driving in severe weather a challenge. Trukz also offers unique driving opportunities by allowing players to haul cargo to unique locations such as nuclear and hazardous waste to Yucca Mountain Nevada.
Don't want to be an independent operator? No problem! Cooperate with other drivers by creating or joining companies to receive customizable assistance with repair fees, fuel costs, and even ticket fees. Complete your route on time and cities will begin paying you more money for each cargo that you deliver as your driver rating increases for each successful route completed on time. Arrive late and not only will you pay a penalty but your driver rating will decrease as well.

date created: 3 April 2004 date updated: 15 July 2008