I just figured I could use a seperate page for trips I've taken. The main page is still going to be for random pics and what little bits of events I have. Maybe this'll change one of these days.

Washington DC...uhm...what year it was, I can't remember I wanna say...1997? 1996?

Sister - making nice with some statue

Bro and other sis - making nice with ANOTHER statue (I wonder about my family sometimes)

Mom - With some plastic pilots. I think they're in the uniforms of the airline she used to work for

Bro - getting intimate with yet another statue (I'm adopted...I HAVE to be...)

Group Shot! - All four of us Left to right: Becca (younger sis closest to my age), Me, brother, youngest sis

Peeps boarding a plane

Peeps boarding a plane again

Yet more peeps boarding a plane, but Mom is lookin' back, one of my sis's is wearing a Betty Boop shirt, the other's wearing the green one and bro's in the shadows somewhere

Yours Truely - posing in my Alien shirt (I am the alien of the family )

EVIL Crowds - All the more reason to stay away from them...

Washington/Oregon Trip - January 2002

Leah, Jenn and Rica - from left to right, at Youngs River's Falls. Another spot where TMNT 3 was taped. :)

Leah - in front of Youngs River's Falls. Issa perty pic ^-^

Huddled Mass - AKA Rica *G* At Multnoma Falls.

Rica - On the tower thingie (uhm...I think *sheepish grin*) Waving with the mountains in the distance.

Oregon Coast - I love this shot, veddy perty. The mountain thingie where they put Narinaga's castle in TMNT 3 (as noted below) :)

Raph Spot - this is where Raph stood in TMNT 3 and went on and on about how clear the water is and all. *G* Didn't have the rope in the movie...and that water WAS very clear, just a beautiful spot.

Tower View - Perty nifty...that's Rica's nose and arm btw...yep, master photographer here...

Youngs Rivers Falls - Here they are...rilly perty and quite wet

Lookin' Down - from the bridge over the middle part of Multnoma Falls. Looks like a fun fall, hm?

Mouth of the Columbia River - (again, I think) That bridge gave me nightmares! Long sucker, and I hear that at the bottom of the river, near one of the supports are the biggest octopi in the world! ...I like the sky in this shot anyway...

Horsetail Falls - Just nifty lookin' ;)

Mossy Stream - Saw this lil' thing on the path to the bridge over Multnoma Falls, and thought it was kewl looking.

Multnoma Falls - head-on shot! I took a few pics from that bridge along the middle of it. Couldn't see the whole length of the falls because 1) I only had one of those cheap one time use cameras and 2) it was really foggy/cloudy since I was there during the winter.

Trees and Clouds - another view from the trail to the bridge over Multnoma Falls. This just rilly struck me as awesome, if not for the building at the bottom of the pic, I could very easily imagine that as being some kind of fantasy forest.

Upper Part - of Multnoma Falls. The boulder that's sitting there fell during a wedding ceremony was taking place on the bridge. Those folks were lucky itt hadn't falling a lil' closer.

The Gorge - I love how the clouds were rolling into the valley and over the river between the mountains. It was just so kewl looking.

Me - at the Oregon coast, where part of TMNT 3 was filmed. That big mountain thingie behind me is where they put Lord Narinaga's castle. Veddy pretty place.

Pudgy's - A resteraunt on the Oregon coast. I couldn't help it, couldn't believe our CAT owns a restertaunt. ;) Didn't eat there, though...was seafood and there were a few of us who are allergic to the stuff.

Me - again at Youngs River Falls wee bit windy

Yours truely and Jenn - and rocks...wet rocks...but they're still rocks *G* Youngs River Falls again

Jenn, Leah and me - In front of Youngs River Falls

Leah - Isa cute grin ^-^

Leah - A lil' closer up...sorta disheveled

Leah - close up shot! She perty

Leah and me - by a nifty tree, Leah's heroicly holding the rope from beating us to death with its super-powers of gravity. Yeah...really!

Da Moron and Da Yumper numero...uhm...*goes off to do some research* UNO! - Eh heh...not so good with numbers...and not being a yumper m'self, well, y'know ;) We're standing under a canoe (or however ya spellit)

Leah and Me - again...this time spelunking for lost treasure...I dunno...we found some nifty skipping stones

Moron and Leah - going to make use of the stones by the water's edge

Rrrrrrrrrrica! - In front of the falls

LYT Tower - *squints* I think that's Leah, me and Rica up there....kinda obviouse just HOW familiar we are with "YMCA", huh?

Youngs River - NIIIIIICE perty pic

Boredom - It's amazing how BORING the San Fran airport can be on a two and a half layover in the middle of the night :P Girl's gotta do SOMETHIN' to try keeping herself awake...Chicken's gonna eat m' plane tickets and ID!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Mommy, Patrick and Reuben's Minnesota Trip, June 2003 mebbe I didn't really go anywhere for this, but it's still a trip, none the less! They stayed with Jon and I for a week for Evelyn's graduation...and there will be more pics with time, as they send 'em to me, since Patrick has most of them on HIS computer. Enjoy! Hmm...I think I'll split it up into two sections for for Ev's graduation, and one for random around the apartment pics.

Evelyn's High School Graduation

Becca - showing off her handiwork as a cake decorator...kinda doubled as Evelyn's graduation cake and her birthday cake, since they were only days apart *G*New

Evelyn - opening her gifts, I'm in the background ^-^New

All four of us - Me, Rebecca, Evelyn and ReubenNew

Jon and I - He's lookin' kinda sleepy...and I'm just grinning like a fool...that's the best pic I have so far of the dress that drove me nuts trying to alter itNew

Jon, me and Evelyn - she's handing him the weird lil' purse Linda (the lady in the background) got herNew

Jon and I - he's modeling said purse *sniggers* ...I cheese WAY too much *ducks head*New

Reub, Becca and Mike - Mike's Becca's fiancée...that's Patrick's back, tooNew

Jade and Ev - pretty much when the graduation party thing died cuteNew

Plasma ball pics
Yeah...the thing interested Cleo *G* Got some pretty cool shots

Mad scientist - Cleo finally descovers the plasma ball...this pic turned out great...even if it is pretty huge *sheepish grin*New

"Just what IS this thing???" - It fascinated her *G* Decent shot of part of our entertainment center in the living roomNew

Again reminding me of a mad scientist - Giving the thing an evil look *G* Think it zapped her nose a lil' *cackles*New

It's maaagic - Hehe...looks very fantasy-ish, heh? What with the dragon in the forground and the glowing eyes with the plasma ball *G*New

I can see your future... - She's living up to her name *G*New

Cat 'n Rat pics
From when Jon had them both out *sniggers* More pictures from my mom

The suspence - She's just dying to get ahold of that poor lil' rat, and he just doesn't give a damnNew

Cracker's wonderin' what that funny lady's doing with the camera - all the flashies drew his attention *cackles*New can almost see Cleo droolin' - Jon's got a nice hole in his sock, too, heh? *G*New

Where's he goin'? - Cleo's wonderin' if she can possibly get that lil' guy without Jon noticingNew

"I'm just groomin' your fur! Honest!" - riiiightNew

Random Apartment Shots
More on what the place we live in looks like *G* And y'know...people, too

Evil duo - gotta love eye reflection *cackles* Ev's holdin' CleoNew

Ev 'n Reub - watchin' TV...think that's Patrick lying on the floor...kickass posters over our crappy couch, too *G* Can't see the darker one too well...New

Ev, Reub, me and Jon - Very nice shot of the dragon poster, too *G* That was a fun dayNew

Reub, me and Jon - Evelyn's off to the side, too...I got a lil' evil in my eye *sniggers*New

That be it for now! Stay tuned, I know there will be more trips in the future.

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