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About Us

This is a page of pages, links to other links in the adoption arena.

Hopefully I will provide for you all of the links available on the Internet at this time to allow you to do your own searching. You will find everything you need in categories.

Most of the sites will be free, such as the registries, phone directories, database searching and they are ?paid? sites. Also I will provide you with just information on how to search, where to register in your states, Vital Statistic and other state offices.

If at the end you cannot find who you are looking for - I can provide search help for a small fee. Since I am disabled and on low income I do not charge as much as other searchers, and I have the experience to help you find whom you are searching for. You can email me at any time at happymom@aug.com.

I am a birthmother who searched for and found the son that I relinquished for adoption in 1963. That search led me to help others out of the gratitude I felt in finding my son. I did this for free for 5 years, with the exception of fees that were charged to me that needed to be reimbursed by the person searching, such as database information, mailing and phone charges. Those fees are agreed to upon asking me to help you search.

I still expect the searcher to help in many ways to obtain information as it involves them in the search and keeps them interested in searching. Basically I still do it this way, but do charge a base fee to cover my costs for office expenses.

My wish for everyone searching is that you have all of the information provided to make your searching easier. To me, that means on the Internet all of the links available to have everything in one place.


For further assistance please email: