What are friends for?
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    This website is dedicated to my friends, we've shared our ups and downs, and now I have a chance to share them with everyone else! Collectively these are my friends, but individually they have each been a significant influence on my life.  Some of these friends are related to me, making them family, but I feel that friends and family are interchangable. 
     Unfortunatly, I couldn't find a picture of my best friend to put on the front page.  Jesus, thank you for making me who I am, thank you for not giiving up on me, and thank you for bringing people into my life who won't give up on me and accept me for who I am. .
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Navigator's trip
Kaysi, Hollie, Me, Sarah, and Daysi (front) after Caedmon's call concert.
Chuck E. Cheese's
(left) Brooke, Sarah, April, Me, and Amanda (front) testing the  couch's weight limit.
(above) The infamous "Angela riding naked on a goat" picture.