The Happy Scamper

small is beautiful

This website is for those who have discovered that big is not always the best. They do not measure their worth by the size of their home, TV, car, or RV trailer. They have discovered that big comes with a price. The bigger the possession the more it costs to purchase, store, maintain, repair, insure and tax.

This website is for those who have discovered that small is beautiful. The Scamp and Casita travel trailers fit this description.

These fiberglass trailers do not require a big truck to pull them. They are easy to hook up to a pickup or SUV. Both the Scamp and Casita RV trailers tow up hills and along the back roads effortlessly. They are easy camping trailers to set up at a campsite or RV park.

The Scamp and Casita Travel Trailers are made out of fiberglass. They come in sizes from 13' to 16'. These fiberglass travel trailers weigh between 1500 and 2500 lbs.

Scamp RV Trailers
Casita RV Trailers
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