Kitty pictures with stories about each one

These are four of my 20 cats. The one on the left is called Bunny. In the center are Bandita, Bunny's mum,
with her now grown-up kitten, Calliope. Bandita was living here at the farm when we moved in 2 years ago.
She was quite wild, but I managed to make friends with her, and was thrilled when she finally let me touch her.
Her first litter of kittens was killed by the tomcat. He was a tabby manx, whom we called Bubo, and Bunny
looks just like him. We love cats - obviously - and allowed her to become pregnant a second time. We found the
second litter when they were three days old and took them and mamacita into the house. They were raised in our
bathtub (in the spare bath, not ours). Now they are all spayed and neutered, so there will be no more kittens.
The very distinguished-looking gentleman on the right is Frosty. He has been with us for about 10 years.
He has an interesting story, too. He was brought to our vet in Tulsa, because his elderly owner
was being put in a nursing home. Frosty was a tom at the time, and had been severely injured from fighting
with other tomcats. His owner's family had taken him to our vet to have him put down, since none of them
wanted him. Our vet told us that just as he was about to put the needle in Frosty, he lifted his injured paw and
tried to play with him. Our vet loved cats, too, so instead of killing him, he treated his injuries, neutered
him, and called - who else? - my husband, Skip. Frosty has been a beloved member of our family ever since.

These three adorable felines are Bugs, Milo, and Prissy, better known as "P. C." (precious cat, pudgy cat,
pretty cat, etc). Bugs showed up at our house in Buda one night when she was just a kitten.
Of course we took her in. Who wouldn't? Milo appeared here at the farm shortly after we moved in
two years ago. He likes everybody, and just about everybody likes him. Prissy, bless her little heart,
is part Persian, and the vet says that's why she's obese. She was just a tiny little thing when she
showed up in our barn, but look at her now!

On the left are Nemo and Cha Cha, respectively. Nemo has been with us for about 12 years, and
Cha Cha is almost 7 years old. Our vet's receptionist found her under her house when Chachi
was just 4 weeks old. Mama was either dead or missing in action. When Skip got her from
the vet she just fit in the palm of his hand. She's his special baby. The centerfold is Bunny,
of course. She's highly photogenic, and I can't resist taking pictures of her. None of the other kittens
in the litter lie sprawled out like this, but it's something her papa used to do. Mr. Nemo is on the right.
We've had him for a very long time, but we still don't like him very much. He has always been
his own "person", and a little standoffish with us and the other cats. However, he has seniority
over the other cats, ranking just below Sybil, who hasn't been photographed as yet.

Three more kitties, and we're still not done! That's Paloma on the left. She's the youngest along with her
sister Mira, who is not pictured. Then there's Samadhi, who also has a sister named Jaya. Their names are
Hindu, and they mean 'Enlightenment' and 'Victory'. When they were kittens we argued about which one
should have which name, but in the end it didn't matter. The cat on the right is a sister to Bunny and Calliope.
Her name is Samba. She is a miniature cat, weighing only about 3 pounds. Too bad she's spayed,
because I think miniature cats would be a nice thing to breed. They eat less and poop less.
Well, hey, it's a consideration when you have 20 of them!

Here are two sisters and their brother. Their names are Calliope, Sassy, and Butch. Anybody need a kitten???

OK, here's three more you haven't seen before. That's little Mira on the left. She's Paloma's sister. In the center
is Jaya, the aforementioned sister of Samadhi. Skip calls her 'the most beautiful of all possible cats,'
and she believes him. Then on the right is our oldest girl, Sybil. She's 17 and counting.
Now that only leaves two that I don't have pictures of - Badger, who lives outdoors all the time,
and Micah, our newest baby.

Here's someone I almost forgot. It's easy to do when you have as many as I have.
This is Tristan, who lives outside most of the time and likes to roam the fields.
I just happened to catch him in the house, lounging on a black bookshelf.
Then there's Abby, the new guy who looked like a girl,so he got a girl's name.
And here's the elusive Daffy. She's black in the summer
and puts on this white collar for wintertime.

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