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ross ledgar - 09/22/00 12:27:45
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Lori - 08/10/00 04:36:09
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Hello, just stopping by to see how your kids are looking! =) Chan's getting big. I think he's going to look a lot like his mama... No new pics of Ms. Secret though? I was hoping to "see" her. *s*

ALLEE - 07/07/00 16:17:21


ShannonH - 05/18/00 18:12:04
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Beci - 04/03/00 20:06:34
My Email:REBECCA@prodigy.net

Lynn, he is gorgeous! Have not checked your home page in a while. Hope you guys are doing okay. Tulsa is still Tulsa, what can I say? Sure do wish you guys were still around, but looks like you made an excellant move. Take care, Bec

Stacey - 02/21/00 00:04:46
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Hi, I really like your page, and I was wondering if I could use some of your pics.

Vicki McCracken - 01/15/00 15:33:50
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Wow! The site is great! Mike and I viewed it this morning. Beautiful animals. Love Vic

Casey McMahon - 01/10/00 23:52:27
My Email:casey10458

I LOVE LOVE LOVE HORSES and i also LOVE LOVE your Web Site!!!!!!!1

Shannon - 01/06/00 01:25:50
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/sk/fczara/index.html

Loved seeing the pictures of your gorgeous, cute colt. I hope you have a blast with him in the future. I love his pedigree. My mare has a similar pedigree with Count Dorsaz, Al-Marah Radames and Indraff.

Richelle - 01/03/00 23:01:06
My Email:velmaboo@hotmail.com

Lovely website. Loved all the great pictures. Beautiful crabbet bred mares.

Melanie Johnson - 12/21/99 22:01:09
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What a guy!!! Built like a little tank, isn't he? I can just tell he is 'starving to death' too! Look out cows! Scratch him once for me! Melanie

Virginia Haar - 12/21/99 21:00:14
My Email:virginia@sciheart.co.nz

Just crusing through the net. Sea Change looks a nice colt. I breed Crabbet Arabians too, have two mares due to foal 2000, to a very old 92% Crabbet stallion. Not many 100% Crabbets left here in New Zealand.

Virginia Haar - 12/21/99 20:57:28


LeeAnn DreadfulH20 - 12/14/99 01:40:41
My Email:oscar@intellex.com

Great web pages, Lynn! The baby is adorable--really enjoyed all the photos. Can't wait to see more of him as he grows.

Si - 10/04/99 22:51:40
My URL:http://www2.prestel.co.uk/shegog
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Liked the horse pics Mandi. Cool site baby. Si

janice gaudette - 08/07/99 16:41:50
My Email:jgaudette@earthlind.net

I enjoyed your pages. I am new to this computer and online stuff so I'm just browsing my favorit subject. I recently aquired a Polish arabian stallion and not sure what I'm going to do with him, but I'm rapidly falling with him. I also have a Saddlebread and a Quarter horse. Hope to hear from you more, I'll be in touch Jan

ME Fox - 06/09/99 02:54:52
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You have some very nice horses. The brat is cute. What is his name???

Joy Braswell - 05/23/99 03:50:05
My URL:http://www.videoranch.net
My Email:sambwell@concentric.net

Lynn, your site looks wonderful and I love the pictures of the new babies! They're both absolutely beautiful. Good luck with your new arrivals and keep up the great work on your site!!!

M.Cheri McCann - 05/12/99 09:09:45
My URL:http://home.att.net/~Cheri-Equines/
My Email:Cheri-Equines@worldnet.att.net

Please check my web site and help me find a home for CE Nova and CE Moon Fyre. I only have an acre and a half with 7 horse (2 stallions). Nova would make a good endurance horse if you're still looking.

mary - 04/22/99 14:11:01
My Email:redalrt911@aol.com

You have a great page!! I love the story of Donner. I pickup up a german shephard as a stray once and unfortunately had to put him to sleep 2 years ago, but the 5 years I had him he was the most loyal dog I've ever owned. On a leash Sam would not let wome or even kids approach me. If he was off the leash, he was the most gentle dog ever. My family still talk about him and miss him greatly!!! I just bought a Qh paint mare that I love very much. I cant wait till we are able to take her to the beach and ride Have a great day and you must live in something close to heaven (or at least my idea of heaven.)

mary - 04/22/99 14:06:20
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- 04/18/99 22:49:42


Frieda - 03/23/99 04:56:11
My Email:mlively@freewwweb.com

Hi Lynn! How have you been. I love your page. Let us hear from you. We have all been fine and Angie got her first full-time job since graduating from U.T. We need to come see your new horses. Tell your better half hi from all of us!!!!

Sheila - 03/12/99 06:46:37
My URL:http://www.rendezvu.com
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Hi Lynn! Just popped in to see what was happening! Great page! :) I love your horses!

Shara - 03/10/99 15:16:15
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~White_Arabian
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I live just north of San Marcos in Kyle. My family had an Arabian breeding farm in Magnolia while I was growing up. So Arabians are the only horse I knew and ever want to ride. If you need any help "exercising" your horses, I would be glad to assist yo .

DebF - 02/23/99 03:11:52

Lynn, Thanks for letting me view your HP, it was great. I loved Zelon, he looks very much like our Angel! Talk to you on the board!

Tom and Diane Jones - 02/16/99 19:43:10
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Hi! We had some time to surf today, and we really enjoyed visiting your page. Keep up the great work.

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Jacqueline - 01/29/99 03:05:10
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I love Arabians! It's great to see so many more barns and stables promoting them!

Lisa Sanders - 01/11/99 02:34:12

Hi, Aunt Lynn. So far I love the site. By the way, thanks for the kid's presents. David loves his golf set. Micaiah isn't quite sure what to make of her cat yet. I'll have Daddy send you a picture once they are developed. Talk to you later. Tell Ski , "Hi!", for us. Love you.

- 01/04/99 22:30:51

Hi Lynn, Happy New year. What has my brother been up to besides sailing. Your place looks wonderful. You all have really done some work. Just got back from Colorado and New Mexico. I had a run in with a 1700 pound vegitarian in the spring and he tore my arm up a l ttle. Most of it they sewed back together. I tried to learn how to ride with my other hand. It was the first time I ever gave in and let my girlfriend drive my truck. Maybe sometime we could hook up at the Texcian if you can get Skip back to land long enough. Anyway, our trip to Colorado was great. We rented a cabin in the San Juan range about 30 miles from Durango. No phone, no cable, just a tonof firewood, snow, and etc. Sandy had never really seen snow. Our diet for the week was mostly crab legs, baked ch cken, pasta,..uh one night we had potato soup and snow chilled Colorado red wine and Colorado prarie dog blush..and roasted marshmellows. played some dominoes and never once slept in the bed ..always in front of the fireplace. We did take a cd player and good selection of music. We even found a boxed set of cds that had 12 radio broadcasts of Sherlock Holmes mysteries from the 1940's. Had a huge snowball fight which ...I feel I won. Give me a call sometime.

Beci - 12/19/98 17:05:17
My Email:Http://www.kxhg63a@prodigy.com

Lynn, Came by like I said I would in the card I sent to you guys today. Boy, am I impressed at your home page. I cried as I went over Donner's page. I miss you guys up here in Tulsa so much. Let me hear from you. I put my address up at the top of th s thing. I am headed to HOt Springs for CHristmas, weather pending. An artic front is coming thru so I am sitting up here in the front bedroom freezing to death. Still to cheap to turn the heat on very much. Jenny is on the floor behind me. She really is a sweetie and to think I could not stand poodles at one time especially toy ones!!!! Gonna go for now. Take care, Bec

- 12/18/98 00:39:32

Hey Lynn, real nice horses. Tell Skipper I said howdy all is well in Austin. Merry Christmas

- 12/18/98 00:32:01


Joy B. - 12/07/98 14:35:37
My URL:http://www.videoranch.net
My Email:sambwell@concentric.net

Lynn, I love the new pictures of your girls! You've done a great job with your site- keep it up.

Karlan Downing, M.D. - 12/06/98 16:38:56
My Email:karlan@cvtv.net

Lovely job on your page. The music is great and the horses look very nice!!

Joy B. - 11/22/98 03:04:56
My URL:http://www.videoranch.net
My Email:sambwell@austin360.com

Lynn, the new pictures of Zelon are great!!! Boy he looks good and the shine in his coat is wonderful to see. Keep up the great work on your site, it's one of my favorite places to visit.

Joy B. - 11/20/98 20:57:24
My URL:http://www.videoranch.net
My Email:sambwell@austin360.com

Lynn, I love the changes you've made! The music is great and I enjoyed the pictures of a few of your feline buddies. I really loved the pictures of little Z, he is truly special. Come see our site and sign our guestbook.

Antoinette Bartee - 10/08/98 11:36:51
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/Heartland/Village/8590/
My Email:broknbel@ntws.net

I really enjoyed everything about your site. As a fellow Texan transplanted to the country from the city, I know the feeling of freedom one gets out in the wide open spaces. I never knew there were so many stars! And isn't it wonderful to look out your b ck window & be able to watch your horses acting like horses? I will be careful of the designs on my pillowcases, too! I am the president of H.O.R.S.E.S. in Texas, a horse rescue organization. I was referred here by Liz Braswell. Please come by & see out ew site at our new location. Keep up the good work on your site!

10/04/98 22:11:30
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
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Nice page. Very informative. Keep it up.

Lynda Johnson - 10/02/98 02:00:41
My Email:horsegirl@svic.net

hi I used to live in lockhart near San Marcus I had a gelding named OB Jubellii his father was Baskkalamine and mother was OBJoyfull Do you happen to know Judy Connley if so is she still in Austin?

Joy Braswell - 09/27/98 18:46:04
My Email:sambwell@austin360.com

I heard you recently aquired another horse, can't wait to see him on your site! Your home page is great and I really enjoyed your selection of music !

Jan - 09/24/98 04:24:01
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My Email:ibScootin@aol.com

Great page, Great thoughts!! I really enjoyed my visit.

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wildhorse8 - 09/12/98 05:56:44
My Email:wildhorse@innernet.net

How about "Ghost Riders in the Sky ????? It's still my favorite after "Muleskinner Blues". My kissing cousin worked with Peter< Paul & Mary a long time ago. That explains a lot !!!!!!!!!

Heather Lettengarver - 09/02/98 17:17:46
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~NightstarArabians/index2.html
My Email:nightstar@home.com

Hi! It's always nice to find another Arab site. I like your page, hope to see some more photos of your girls! Drop by sometime. Heather

Bruno Munari - 08/28/98 11:21:42
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Edward Kleiner - 08/25/98 10:57:19
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Hi Lynn I just surfed via a guestbook & came to your site. I like it a lot. You have a super great site. I guess San Marco Texas must be a great place to live. You must enjoy being a horse breeder a lot. I do like the way your horses look at the top of y ur home page. I do like the photos of your horse Peppermint Twist. So come on down to my Website tell me the things you like on it & sign my guestbook. Thank You Very Much. Sincerely Edward Kleiner

Kathy - 08/22/98 06:36:33
My Email:Evergreen_Farm@bigfoot.com

Just wanted to stop in to say Thank~you for visiting my place & leaving such a nice message :o) I enjoyed reading about your place. It sound wonderful. Your backgrounds are very nice. You should use them. Load time was fast for me :o) When you ha e a chance stop by Heartland Select to register you place. Keep up the good work.
Kathy & "The Gang"

Joy Braswell - 08/06/98 03:24:50
My Email:sambwell@austin360.com

Great web site Lynn! A suggestion for your pains in the "butt" problem- carry a horse bat or whip with you when you go out to feed and then watch for the first perpetraitor. Before the heifer actually gets close enough to make contact say NO! then bop her on the nose firmly with the handle part of the whip. I don't know if that will work with cows but it's working with the guard donkey and ram we have out here visiting. Thanks for the warning on the pillow case- I don't think I'll close my eyes for a while tonight!!!

Liz Braswell - 07/26/98 05:19:02
My Email:sambwell@austin360.com

Your home page is GREAT! The pictures are really good and I love the way they are set in frames and the comments too. Keep up the changes and the "people will come".

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