The Turkish Angora Ataxia Project is a study under the umbrella of the Winn Feline Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation. Our breed is a rare one, with only a handful of active breeders here in the United States. It is our challenge to fund the project, as this disease afflicts no other known breed or even species. We need YOUR help to reach our funding goals and find an answer to this killer.

Ataxia itself is a misnomer; ataxia is a symptom, not a disease. It is the progressive shaking and loss of motor control of the body, beginning with a tremor and progressing to a complete lack of voluntary muscular control. It is not a disease for a pet buyer to be concerned with, except to the extent that it threatens this ancient breed. (Genetic pedigree investigation indicates that this may be a problem carried as far back as the original Ankara Zoo breeding pairs.) It begins at approximately 4 weeks of age, just after the kittens really begin to walk around, and progresses fairly rapidly. There is no cure, and no treatment.

Breeders of the Turkish Angora around the world have worked with international scientists to attempt to determine the cause. All previously known disorders involving myelin or particular parts of the brain have been, so far, ruled out (for more specifics, see the Turkish Angora Health Net site, courtesy Tracy Goglio, Zamaray Turkish Angoras). Both GM1, GM2 and other known lysosomal storage diseases have been ruled out, as has cerebellar hypoplasia (in fact, the cerebellum remains surprisingly unharmed). Nor is it an infectious or environmental process. It is something completely new and unknown. Through the generous cooperation of many of our breeders, we have started the Turkish Angora Ataxia Project at the Winn Foundation. If we reach our goal, the Winn Foundation will match our funds in order to secure the research we need to stop this killer.

All donations to the Winn Foundation are fully tax deductible. Because there are so few breeders to raise the funds we need, we are offering a number of creative ways to convince you to donate! First and easiest, you may donate directly to the Winn Foundation. Please make sure that in your check's memo line or with your donation, you indicate that it is to be used for the Turkish Angora Ataxia Project. Donations can be made in honor and memory of individuals or animals, as well. You can mail a donation at any time to:

Winn Feline Foundation
1805 Atlantic Ave, P. O. Box 1005
Manasquan, NJ 08736-0805

You can also use Winn's official form, which can be found and printed here:
Please note, you *must* stipulate that it go to the Turkish Angora Ataxia Project.

You can also use Winn's online donation form:
Again, be sure that after you choose your amount, you designate it to Turkish Angora Ataxia studies.

You can also visit and register, with your donations designated to Winn Feline Foundation (TAAP). There are several Winn-based donations available on igive so please be sure to stipulate it is the Turkish Angora Ataxia Project. Or, click below to sign up directly:

You can also help us out by purchasing some pretty great products! We have our own storefront located at

Stop by and browse what we have, or if you have a logo, photo or other idea - we can create customized products for whatever you need! If you see a photo of a TA or our TAAP custom logo that you like, purchase directly from the site. Maybe you'd like your own cattery on a bumper sticker, or a messenger bag. You can even create your own promotional items and make buttons and magnets! Send any photo you like to me and I'll put it on whatever item you'd like. 100% of the proceeds from this site benefit Winn-TAAP!

Every single dollar will count in this fight; and we need your help.


We continue to raise money through the sale of rare feathers from an aviary for your cats' enjoyment. If you are interested in macaw feathers, either blue and red or blue and yellow, everything from about 5" long to over a foot, we have them. 100% of your payment for these feathers will go into the TAAP fund, so please purchase often. :) You can arrange purchase via email or look for Turkish Angoras at upcoming shows - and if the feathers are available for the Ataxia Project, please consider picking up some great toys, straight from the birds, to your cats.

Please keep this page bookmarked - we have a lot more to come, including regularly listed CFA yearbook sales (from the 70s and 80s), and two sets of beautiful hand made and never used cage curtains. With your help, we can make this disease a thing of the past!