The state of New Jersey has been the birth place of some seriously good metalfests and extreme talent in the Metal Industry. DTA come from Union, New Jersey and release the four song EP titled "No Rest In Peace". DTA's brand of Metal/Hardcore with it's screeching/grunting vocals will tear a strip of steel off the side of a battleship. That my friends is what I call Heavy Metal. This is a no bull EP with some intense riffage as shown on the title track and also the final track called "Kiss of Judas".
DTA is able to change pace with it's delivery going from speed riffs to fat riffs that make your ears ring and bleed. An awesome dose put together very well.
No Rest In Peace should be the stepping stone for DTA when they reach ladder of success.
Not an easy climb for some, but these guys just might get to the highest level sooner than you'd expect.
Look for DTA to invade the Metal scene in your town.

Metal Mike........................................................8.5/10
From the State of North Carolina comes a six piece Death/Black/Thrash Metal band that is guaranteed to cause havoc where ever they go.
Omniscient are set to be the next kings (along with one queen) of the Death/Black Metal scene.
Totally awesome dark and brutal riffs are all on this fantastic four song EP titled "Ultima Destructo Infinitus". Dark and eerie is the best way to describe Omniscient as they fit in the same category as bands such as Emperor and Cradle of Filth yet beating them to the punch as the new keepers of the metal throne.
With sword in hand waiting to conquer all that stands in their path, Omniscient deliver the goods on this EP with breathtaking results. 
If the first two tracks don't prove it to you, the final two will. Something this good is almost imposible to find these days. This is the band Century Media must have on their roster. Omniscient will haunt you while you sleep and scare away the sandman at the same time. You read it here first, so don't be surprised when my prediction comes true.

Metal Mike.........................................................9.5/10
Italy has always been a hot spot for Metal bands from that part of Europe. Evil Bards offers quite a melodic sound very much like In Flames at times yet very gothic eclectic sounding as well.
Evil Bards have been around since 1998 and "Through the mask of solitude" being their 5th CD since then along with a few changes in the lineup they have released a very unique album.
The production I wish was better as the drums along with the rest of the band sound very far away or off key at times. Guitar solo's are not nearly as good as the dark/doom riffs on the CD.
Highlights though do include tracks like "Black Clouds" with it's melodic goth like background vocals.
"My ego's neglect" also reminds me of In Flames with some good guitar riffs throughout.
Overall this could have been a little better but still not bad. It's debatable that's for sure. It may take a few spins for you to get used to it, but who knows, maybe you'll think different than I do.
If it's something different you are looking for, then check them out for yourself.

Metal Mike........................................................6/10
Doomeastvan come from the Western Canada. Vancouver, B.C. to be exact.
Formed in 2001 and looking to make a name for themselves, they release this four track EP titled "You will die". Doomeastvan brings an interesting brand of Death Metal to the table. This EP is more eerie than what you hear from most Death Metal bands as they spread things out all over this disc with stops, changes in riffs and even melodic guitar tones at times. Some really good Doom riffs abound that's one obvious thing on "You will die".
The second track titled "Domination" would be perfect to use on Halloween when handing out candy to the kids.
Musicaly I like the Idea's they add to this disc. Of course I'm sure the band will soon release a full length CD rather than another EP in the future as this one just needed a little more content. But as they say good things do come in small packages.
From one end of Canada to the other, Metal rears it's deadly head again.

Metal Mike...........................................................8/10
This is some seriously killer band from London, England. Demagogue releases their debut EP titled "Nihil Obstat". Totally awesome Heavy Metal with Death like vocals makes this a gem in the rough.
Demagogue is a true blue chip prospect. Dark and mysterious sounding in their delivery, Demagogue shows what they can do at such a young age. The band only formed in late 2002 and is ready to set the world on fire. This EP is not only well produced with it's exceptional quality but is an honest straight up Death/Thrash metal album no one can put down.
The final track titled  "Contemplation to Despair" will take your soul to another realm of the metal world. The thing I liked best about this CD is it's mature sound. Demagogue is well ahead of it's pace sounding more like savy veteran's than having been together since only 2002. 
Keeping the spirit alive and well. Watch for this band in late 2004 and beyond. You won't regret it.

Metal Mike........................................................9.5/10
ENERTIA - DEMO 2003 (Indie)
Sometime's when I think I've heard just about everything, another unbelievable band pops up.
From the State of New York I am proud to introduce to you the band known as Enertia.
From first listen, this 3 song Demo blows your mind with it's sheer Power Metal riffs and jaw dropping production thanks to world famous producer Neil Kernon.
What an amazing chorus and riff on lead of track "Time to go". I've never heard a better one in my life. Enertia reminds me a lot like Flotsam and Jetsam, as lead vocalist Scott Featherstone has an uncanny resemblance to Eric A.K.
Everyone will always tell you what they think it will look like in heaven but never mind that, this is exactly what I want it to sound like in heaven. Breathtaking Power Metal made the American way. Primal Fear, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray are good examples of Power Metal but they don't compare to Enertia, oh no way my friend. When God created Heavy Metal he blessed us with Enertia and not a minute to late either. Absolutely Mind Blowing!
A perfect Ten to these Canadian Ears.

Metal Mike........................................................10/10
Sidney Allen Johnson and his Babylon Mystery Orchestra return with the follow up to "Divine Right Of Kings" titled "On Earth As it is in Heaven".
Just like on the debut "Divine Right Of Kings", Babylon Mystery Orchestra continues where it left off as Sidney Allen Johnson unleashes more of the same Power and Religion along with the always interesting controversial lyrics.
On Earth as it is in Heaven and Sidney's deep dark vocals just add to the the historical yet well written lyrics as present on such tracks as "Semjaza's Song" and "Bleed". Musically I felt this offers more diverse riffs as the previous CD.  Babylon Mystery Orchestra will show you the real world as it is seen through Sidney's eyes. No preaching here, just a  Hard Rock/Metal album displaying the truth of rock and roll the and the way it's evolved from who knows how many years ago. Just like on "Divine Right Of Kings" Babylon Mystery Orchestra will get your attention. But if you had your doubts before, this will truly change your views. Maybe permanently.

Metal Mike..........................................................8.5/10
STRIKKEN - 4 SONG DEMO (Bare Metal Music)
Here comes a band who judging from their Demo CD, website and bio they really do have a goal in life and to start off, their goal is to be heard and noticed worldwide.
Working hard at something you love to do is always an adictive trait. Strikken has shown that they have a positive attitude when it comes to their music.
This four song demo adds style and punch to some pretty good songs as Strikken mix things up musically sounding a little like Godsmack but with their own natural sound.
The lyrics seem quite well written and the riffs have their own crunch to them as they get raw from the start.
When the vocals growl it does add a nice touch since they have experimented often on the disc with vocals and guitar sounds.
Overall Strikken will appeal more to mid 90's fans of Sevendust , Godsmack and Disturbed rather than old school fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Anthrax.
This old school fans gives them a thumbs up as they aren't afraid to take charge, work hard musically on and off the stage.
Let's see if the rest of the world agree's with me.

Metal Mike.................................................................7/10