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Dec 6th: Ok first off forget that damn newsletter it will come out when i get to it Im not gonna worry about it now because I have so much other shit to do. The two shows we have coming up are going to rock, as long as nobody feels like being an asshole and fights. We recently played on the morning show to mixed reviews. Mostly everyone liked it but some people said their teachers we less than happy. But good things happen to those who play and dont care what others think. We have someone who wants to help us record who has a digital studio and will charge us half the price of anyone else we can find. So we will be getting money together and polishing off some songs and hopefully within the next 2 months we can start laying down tracks for at least a 4 song demo. Lastly I have a big request for everyone who comes to our shows. I dont have a problem with Thrashers I know a few and they are good people and dont want to hurt anyone. But there are a few assholes out there who feel the need to take it to far and others pay the price. So if you are going to thrash use your fucking head and dont kick someone on the side that might not feel like getting beat up at a show. Not everyone is 6'1" 250lbs and likes wrestling. People get hurt when assholes dont think.~Justin.

Nov 1st: Ok this is starting to get anoying. The last like 3 shows we had set up got canceled on us. Im sorry for all of this but we got screwed over by the YMCA. Wayne our man on a mission to get us shows has decided to make a show at his school which is just outside of Philly. We would like as many of our local fans to come as possible because nobody out there is gonna have any clue who we are. Hopefully we can expand our fan base with this show so come on out and listen to our new stuff. The show is kinda weird because you need to be on a guest list to come. So I will be posting an e-mail adress where you should send your name and the names of anyone else you think will come so we can get everyone in. Also that phantom newsletter I am sending out will hopefully be coming out soon. Check back soon.~Justin.

Oct 20th: Well I updated the site today and added some pages like links and shows. Yes that meen we have a show coming up. Its November 10th with Manhunt and more bands tba. Its going to go down at the Lansdale YMCA so plz come out and support us. We have some great new material we are working on and a new rythmn guitar player. I will be sending out the first newsletter this weekend so check your mail. ~ Justin

Oct 14th: Attention everyone. We have a show coming up in Novemeber. We will post the date as soon as Wayne and Justin get back to us. We have more good news. As of thursday we might have found a replacement for Matt on rythmn. Matt will continue to play drums and Brandon Thomas will play rythmn. Now we just need a bass player to finish off the band. Now we just need to set up practice time....... HAHAHAHAHA. Also I have been talking to this guy who knows this guy who used to date this girl who's dad knows this guy who.... well anyway we will be working on our first record within the next month. We will defintily have one song done to put up on the site. Also if anyone knows anyone who plays bass e-mail me plz. Thanks and I hope to see ya at our show soon. ~ Justin

Oct 8th: Well well its been a long time since this site was up and working. I had a little bit of other things to do but now I'm back. The site will be back up for good now. And yes I will be updating it often. The band is back after a bit of a break. We are working with a new bass player and we are trying to set up shows as you read this. We have a show that kinda, should, i dunno, might happen in Novemeber and I will be talking to John next week to see what he has coming up. I am very interested in getting a BIG show together with Manhunt.If you have any pictures of us playing live please e-mail me ME and let me know. I want to put up as much content as possible here. If we come out with a CD this year I might look into gettting a domain name and a server just for Pandora's Box. If you see anything wrong with the site like broken links or wierd image problems let me know. If this site stays stable and we deside to keep the design I will make a Flash version. But that is to much to think about now. Well im gonna finish this thing tonight even if it kills me. See ya all soon at the next show and Rock-On. ~Justin.


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