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Hey Hey Hey its show time baby.

Well I would like to thank everyone that came to our shows on friday and saturday we had fun and I hope you all did too. Friday was great and for everyone that stayed long enough to see us I hope you liked it. Saturday was a different story thanks to the 3 people that showed up. It was more of a practice where each band got to perform for the other 3 bands. We are working on more shows possibly at the North Penn YMCA (we will have lights so the main lights can go out) and also at the Knights so keep a tabs on the site. I would like to thank Wayne and Justin B. for setting up the two shows and all the money we made from the shows we will put toward our up and coming album. (Yes we have a studio!!!!!!!!!!). Thanks again to everyone.

December 8th: North Penn YMCA. Show starts at 7-11 pm. $5 at the door.
UPDATE: Inkling canceled on us last night so they are out and probably no XIII PFP either. Bamforth and Wayne are trying to get some replacements but if not we will just end up playing lots and lots of songs. We have a few older ones we can play and some covers too so dont worry the show will go on.
Bands playing are. Lawn Gnomes, Fairmont, Pandoras Box and someone else hopefully.

December 9th: The Crefield School 8836 Crefield Street Philadelphia, PA 19118. Show starts at 4-11 pm. Cost is $7.00 at the door. Here are the bands in order: Adam, Lawn Gnomes, Pandora's Box, Manhunt.
Note: Wayne (the man in charge of the show) is donating some of the money to the ICU/NICK UNITS at the hospital where his cousin was born.

IMPORTANT: This show is at a school so they have rules. First you need to sign up to go to this show. If you think that you might remotely have a chance to come sign up just in case, you wont get in if your not on the list. Also once you get in plan to stay because if you go out you don't get back in. To sign up send an e-mail with your name in it to

Now you are probably wondering how the hell you will get there right? Well here are the directions, find someone with a car and come on down.
To The Crefield School from Turnpike Entrance (Lansdale)
Get on the PA Turnpike (I-476) in Lansdale.
After getting a ticket at the tollbooth, stay to the left to get onto I-476 S. Stay on I-476 S for a little while. Take the exit for I-276 W. Stay on that for a short while, then take exit 25 towards Norristown. Keep right at the fork in the ramp. Get onto West Germantown Pike. This will turn into Germantown Avenue. After a little while, turn right onto Norman Lane. After another very little while, turn right onto Crefeld Street. The school is on this street. (thanks to manhunt for the directions)


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