JOHN EVANS...was one of the instigators of the PUNK scene.

which was a perfect vehicle for his

outspoken and anti-establishment views.


His band, "THE TAX EXILES" formed in London during the seventies around the same time Siouxie Sioux, Billy Idol and the Clash were causing general havoc. They often appeared on the same bill as the likes of, "X-RAY SPEX", "999" and "SHAM 69".

They were also asked to support, "TALKING HEADS" on an American tour but they blew their chance.

The legendary, "SOW" from Pontypridd, S.Wales was one of their roadies...

Say no more.


John then signed a solo deal with BEGGARS BANQUET, on their "SITUATION 2" label as "John Marlon". He was in good company...THE ASSOCIATES...DIVINE etc. Evans was contracted to make 2 singles and an album, a tour with DIVINE was also lined up, but he fell ill with a serious bout of glandular fever and was seriously fucked for a year. They released the single while he was in hospital... good idea!!! The tour was cancelled and so was John's musical career.


Following this early musical experiment, Evans decided

to concentrate more upon the written word, progressing to short books and collective works like the raw and confrontational GBH and INDUSTRIA,

unleashing what has become a formidable force in contemporary British writing.


He has produced and directed for TV and FILM and

is currently working on a number of projects including a novel.

The Style is upfront and aggressive.


The subject matter includes the alienation and disillusionment within contemporary society... he also has a healthy fascination with SEX and EROTICA.