*"How Real Is My Valley" was first presented as an

audio/visual lecture at The Welsh Union of Writers annual conference in October 1992.

...>.>.>....> > <> >....Due it's resounding success at this seminar, Evans then reproduced the script as a book and multi-media tour accompanied by a musical score from the post modernist composer, "Michael Nyman" it also became a television production.

His thesis addressed the state of the South Wales Valleys in a

post modern society

and how, through the POWER Of Television and the Americanisation of a once distinct welsh culture, the valleys have succumbed to an

inevitable cultural dilution... causing a terminal identity crisis which even the mightiest of valleys commandos won't stop.




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"John Evans' new diatribe against ignorance"

- Buzz


"Evans' offers a nightmare vision... Colourful, even apocalyptic prose"

- Dan O'Neill, South Wales Echo.


"He writes in a note of suppressed passion which is the authentic voice of the present day"

- Herbert Williams




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"The jumble of back to back, terraced houses offer a comforting base, private worlds where we can retreat. faced with defeat, we sit at home and watch T.V.

If you walk the streets at night in the valleys you will see the T.V. screens flickering in the windows; you will hear the media's chatter - that immanent white noise of post-industrial society.



"Time for a commercial break."

"It's your choice. Call now and get one free."

"Who killed Laura Palmer?"...

CBS,NBC,ITN,CIA;CNN,BBC,IBM,USA: we all speak in the name of the new global family.*