We are a very small operation located in Northern VA. We are not breeders, there are already enough of those to go around. HDK is a working dog Kennel. We are active in the sport of Schutzhund and we have recently started to get involved in the conformation aspect of the breed.

I got my first American PitBull Terrier in 1980 at the age of 7 years old. My godfather who at that time had been into the breed for about 20 years gave me my first APBT.

Since that time I have been hooked on this breed. Why? If you own one you know why. If you don't own one let me tell you why. The APBT is if not the most versatile dog on earth is high in the ranks for the top slot. They came to the US as the multi-purpose dog. This dog would herd the livestock, hunt game and protect the family. We all know what these guys where used for during the times of blood sports but they did all of this as well. 

Over the last few years the breed has gotten a very bad reputation from lack of good owners. Now we the good homes have to spend time that could be spent with our families fighting BSL, which is growing way out of hand. 

I'm not going to start to vent but I will within this site provide you with link to information, which can help us, fight BSL. I hope you enjoy my very small site.

My Boys: Akira (son) & Torque (OFRN)

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