Over the last two years I've met some of my favourite performers (including all of my top five favourite actors and two of my favourite actresses!) - and let me tell you, it's been a thrill! They have all been so gracious and friendly and kind, and everytime I look at these pictures I just get a little shiver! These are in rough chronological order, starting with my first ever stage door experience, and one that can never be topped! :-) (Regular visitors to my life will know why!) Enjoy!

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Colm Wilkinson
Tim Howar
Tim Howar and Regan Thiel
Regan Thiel
Susan Gilmour
Tim Howar, again
Brent Carver
Marla Schaffel
Martin Moran
Victoria Clark
Rex Smith
Douglas Sills
Douglas, again
Rachel York
Chuck Wagner
Andrea McArdle
Robert Sean Leonard
Rebecca Luker
Terrence Mann
Brian Stokes Mitchell

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