Why we are Hard Line Republicans

When the PIRA signed the GFA in 1998, it was a dreadful day for catholics and nationalists in the Six Counties. Previously, the Provos had initiated a ceasefire in 1997. These two occurrences nullified the defense of the catholics and nationalists, and left them vulnerable to brutal attacks from loyalist paramilitaries. With the PIRA adamantly adhering to their ceasefire, murder and oppression by loyalist thugs in catholic and nationalist neighborhoods have intensified. It has been so since the ceasefire. Leaving the citizens of the Six Counties assailable to British-sanctioned loyalist attacks just to honor a ceasefire and the GFA is anathema to true Irish Republicans. There should be no deviation from the Creed established by Wolfe Tone at his mock trial in 1998. (see our Tone page)

We are hardliners. We do not believe the GFA is a viable peace ethic. It is flawed,and has not been honored by Britain and loyalist paramilitaries.

The loyalist paramilitaries have been on a rampage committing terrorism inside catholic and nationalist communities without regard for anyone. The Irish citizens are being harrassed, pipe-bombed and murdered, and the PIRA still honors the ceasefire and the GFA. To hardline Republicans, it is dishonorable to affiliate with the enemy, and watch your people die. When you can do something about it, and don't, what's your excuse?

The PIRA's "middle of the road" tactics are relevent to their representative political party, PSF. They seem dedicated to the GFA, or else. They have insinuated they will not quit peaceful means.

The members of the Hardline IRA are different. We are against peace with the English. We know the Brits are cutthroats. That's the way it is. Our Site is Hardline Republican! Some call us dissidents. We proudly wear the names, honorably, for our cause.

Our deepest desire is to drive-out the British Army in a war of attrition. We believe it is achievable. We believe we are right. This is why we are Hardline Republicans.

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I want to thank Dáithí, the most awesome artist of Irish American/Irish Republican I have had the honor of meeting. He did all the work. He said, "I'll build the site, but the words must come from you." That's the way it is. As you can see, the designs and letterings originated from his unique talent