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'Comedians often get stuck looking for new material, but only Jeremy
would get himself shot at ... well done.' Mark Steel

Jeremy Hardy v. The Israeli Army, a feature documentary about the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine as experienced through the eyes of British comedian Jeremy Hardy opens July 18th at the Prince Charles cinema then throughout London and Nationawide.

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One more chance to see the film in London
16th October. 6:30 PM.  Prince Charles cinema. Box Office: 02074943654

About the film:

This dark comedic documentary narrated by Hardy is a story of an unlikely person put in extraordinary circumstances. Hardy teamed up with producer/director Leila Sansour and other members of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) in an effort to try his hand at ending occupation of the West Bank. Hardy could only describe the next four days of filming as “four days in hell.”

The footage  captured covers everything from the standoff at Yasser Arafat’s compound to the siege at the Church of the Nativity. It gives an inside look into the operations and birth of the ISM and the stories that were never reported in last year’s news bulletins.

Three  previous screenings of the film at the Bloomsbury have attracted more than 1800 people- the phenomenal response from audiences means Jeremy Hardy v. the Israeli Army now stands as one of a handful of documentaries to make it to cinemas around the UK, responding to the growing appetite for political engagement, independent film making and the growing interest in the International Solidarity Movement.

London screenings will offer viewers the opportunity to meet the director and other members of the movement.

Produced by Asparagus Films in association wih Diva Pictures

'Jeremy Hardy v. The Israeli Army’ is both quirky and important. It gives a better idea of conditions on the ground in Palestine than a thousand news reports - the absurdity as well as the tragedy.'- Toby Litt

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An urgent, revelatory work, an utterly compelling paean to the idea of freedom itself..

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