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February 2009
President's Message

It will be March before we have our next monthly meeting.  I felt that I needed to cancel the Jan. 19th meeting.  My road and the streets or roads of several members that I called were very dangerous.  Normally we follow the school schedule for closures, but they were not in session, and we will do that in the future.  I am going to put together a phone chain so that we can use that if the weather is bad and we have no school statement to follow.  Last year it was the December meeting that had to be canceled.  We will schedule the book talks for next year.

Many who were contacted commented that they were interested in this meeting.  We are in the second half of the year.  Our next activity is the fundraiser at Eva and Bill Hart's home on Sat. Feb. 21st at 6:00 PM.  We hope many of you will attend.  This is our major fundraiser for the year.  Check out the flyer found elsewhere in the newsletter.  Our next regular monthly is March and will focus on bone health.  I hope to see you there.

If you are in need of information or have questions about meetings, please check with me or Anne Heidenreich as we keep the calendar up-to-date.
The Board meeting will be at Toni Bram's on Feb. 2nd beginning at 7:00 PM.

The AAUW convention is being planned and has much on its agenda.  I will be bringing some potential changes to you for your discussion.  There are several going from the state level association.  I hope that we can share our feelings about several changes.  If anyone is interested in going, please let me know as we are eligible for voting delegates.  Convention information for the 2009 AAUW convention can be found by linking to this site:

Revisions to the By-Laws are coming.  I am putting together a group to make the past changes and get ready for any new changes after the convention.  I will have the By-Laws and Policies put on the web page, and then put up the revised ones.

Karen Gyolai
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