Start-1 Launch Vehicle

Start-1 L V

The Start & Start-1 family of space launch vehicles are derived from decommissioned SS-25 / RS-12M intercontinental ballistic missiles. The Kompleks Scientific and Technical Center has converted the RS-12M into a mobile, 4 or 5 stage, low capacity satellite launcher. The Start-1 variant, consisting of four solid-propellant stages (RS-12M plus a new fourth stage) with a maximum diameter of 1.8 meters and a height of 22.7 meters, was launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome on 25 March 1993 with a 225 kg payload. Start-1 has a LEO payload capacity of up to 550 kg. These vehciles are launched from mobile transporter. Lift-off mass is 47 tonnes.

Start LV Profile Sheet