Instructions to Install Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Sanskrit Font For you

The Kannada songs are composed using C-DAC's GIST font. To help for those who are not able to read Kannada we have also provided transliteratios in Telugu, Tamil and Sanskrit Versions. To view the complete Songs which are available in this webiste you need the script in text format, you need the kannada font, "knum0ntt.ttf" (or knum0ntt.ZIP), telugu font "tlhm0ntt.ttf" (or tlhm0ntt.ZIP), tamil font "tmvl0ntt.ttf" (or tmvl0ntt.ZIP) and Sanskrit font "sdsr0ntt.ttf" (or sdsr0ntt.ZIP). This files is available for free download when you click the download the font and it will be in ZIP format, which has to be unzipped using any zip utility.

To use GIST fonts on your Microsoft Windows based Browser, you need to have:

  • Windows 3.11/3.11/95/NT Operating System
  • IBM Compatible PC with Intel 386 and above processor
  • A suitable Internet Browser supporting TTF format fonts.
  • Eg: Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc

    The fonts (zipped) can be dowloaded from here also:

  • Kannada Font ZIP File

  • Telugu Font ZIP File

  • Tamil Font ZIP File

  • Sanskrit Font ZIP File

  • All Four Fonts ZIP File

    The font file is for viewing only. If you are interested in creating a document using this font, you would be needing a iLeap lite version or complete commercial version developed by C-DAC. A freeweare version is available for free dowload at

    How to Download:

    We assume that you would be downloading this or knum0ntt.ttf into a temporary directory. may be for Eg: C:\TEMP.

    How to extract:

    Goto the MSDOS Prompt and change directory to the place where you have downloaded the knum0ntt.ttf.

    How to Install Kannada Font:

    Click on the 'Start' button on the task bar. From here, go to Settings, Control Panel as shown below.

    Font Installation Instructions 1

    Click on "Control Panel" icon and this will show a list of icons. Double-click on the one with the name "Fonts" as shown below:

    Font Installation Instructions 2

    Now, click on File option in the menu and select "Install New Font" sub-option from the following menu shown here:

    Font Installation Instructions 3

    This will bring up a dialog box. Select the drive and directory where you have downloaded and executed the font KN-TTUMA Normal.ttf. This is the source directory where you have copied the Font file. (In this example, C:\TEMP).

    Font Installation Instructions 4

    Select the line "KN-TTUma Normal.ttf (TrueType)" for Kannada Font "TL-TTHemalatha Normal.ttf (TrueType)" for Telugu Font "TM-TTValluvar Normal.ttf (TrueType)" for Tamil Font and "SD-TTSurekh Normal.ttf (TrueType)" for Sanskrit Font and click on OK button to start installing the font. After installation, you can exit from the dialog box. Now, you should be able to see the font in the list displayed by the system.

    Now you are ready to use the Kannada Font in your browser.

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