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Like other part of India, Karnataka too has played its part in shaping the history of India and contributing to her development in the fields of religion and philosophy, art and literature. The distinction achieved by the Karnataka kingdoms of Kadamba, Rastrakuta, Calukya and Vijayanagar in the history of South India is well known. In the field of philosophy it has given birth to some of the most distinguished builders of Indian thought like Madhvacharya (Ananda Tiirtha), Sri Vidyaranya and Sri Vyaasa Raja.

The Haridasa movement has presented to the world a galaxy of pure and pious souls who struggled and strove for the love of Hari. Its representatives were of the Brahmin caste, but, as it was a devotional movement based on mystical experience, it spread to all classes and touched all hearts, both men and women of different communities. Haridasas mystical experience was of various kinds-Svanubhava, Anubhava, Atmanubhava, Brhasakshtkara and Aparoksha Gnana. While the

Vachanakaras called mystic experience as Anubhava, Haridasas called it Aparokshgnana

Though initial inspiration of the Dasas was derived from Madhva himself who has given stirring devotional lyrics in such sanskrit works as dvadasa-stotra, Sri Padaraja Tiirtha is well-known as the grandfather of Haridasas (Haridasa Pitamaha) has popularised. He made an attempt to compose songs in simple kannada, expounding the difficult and highly philosophical teachings of Madva in simple and clear language. Sri Padaraja's disciple Sri Vyasaraja gave great impetus to the Haridasa movement and made it very popular by his disciples who are chief among Haridasas - Sri Purandaradasa and Sri Kanakadasa. Then this movement made into royal roads through Sri Vadiraja Thirtha, Sri Vijaya Dasa, Sri Gopala Dasa, Sri Jagannnatha Dasa and many others.

Being in touch with common people, haridAsas became shrewd observers of life around, life in the raw. Their compositions, therefore were natural, spontaneous and quick in touching the heart. haridAsas preached some basic things such as the ephemeral quality of human life, the seemingly enchanting world and the quest for liberation.

God is easily approachable, God is for all, God is to be praised, God needs no ritualistic ornamentation. These were the main messages enshrined in their songs. The songs try to rouse the spirit of man from a life of worldly attachment and turn it godward. They deal with all aspects of spiritual discipline taught by the scriptures and take us along the path of self-realization.

Haridasas are many in number and their compositions are inumerable. In this website we are trying to provide few (may be 350+) popular songs (popular through Bhajans and Audito Casettes) in original form ie Kannada for the people who are looking for the literature of the songs. In this direction we have classified the songs through Alphabetical order (a, aa, e, ee, ..) and author/Composer index through which one can access the actual songs. Future plans include provding English Translation of each songs, Providing ITRANS Version of each songs and providing Subject index of these songs.

In case you find any mistakes and also have suggestions you can inform us so that we will correct ourselves.

Please refer Bibliography page for the books referred to bring this website to you.

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