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The site has changed look and has been updated!
Finished my exams !!!

Top B was superb !!!

Jo was there too !!!
Monday 14th of June
University begins.
Monday 29th ofSeptember
Wednesday 16th of June
The site has been updated with new photos during the year. Just click photo album to see them. The new sections have been marked with an "     ".

If you have any problem with the photos, please contact me to remove some of them.
If you cannot see yourself in them, just send me some to include you in...
Tuesday 15th of June

Final Flink is tonight.

Photos of the night
Wednesday 16th of June
Photos from Barcelona
   have been added.

Photos of the trip
Sunday 27th of June
Greece Euro 2004
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Friday 10th of December
"Three years of University culminating on this memorable day. Many faces showed great pride, many more showed a tint of sadness. In the end it's the people you meet that will colour your university memories."
                13th July 2004
Divino on the Graduation Day.
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