LOCATION :         London SE. UK                                                                       NATIONALITY:                British

E-MAIL:               harjitsangha@yahoo.com                                                                 DRIVING:               Full UK Licence

TELEPHONE;         +44 (0) 794 1184861                                                     MARITAL STATUS:               Single            




Cameraman            Beta SX, Beta SP and DVCAM - Own Cannon XL1

Editor                     Avid Express, Avid Express DV, Fast 601 and VM Studio.

Effects                   Discreet Combustion and Adobe Photoshop.



Contractual and Consultancy Work                       Freelance                 2002 -Present

Reminiscent Television  Network                          Full Time                  2000 - 2002

Hollywood On Air (New York)                                Full Time                  1999 - 2000

Namaste Television                                               Full Time                  1995 - 1999

AsiaNet Television                                                 Freelance                1997 - 2000

Media Reach Advertising                                       Freelance                1998 - 2000



EDUCATION:                                                                                                               QUALIFICATIONS:

King Alfred’s University College              Drama, Theatre and                         Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree                  WINCHESTER                                          Television Production                                         Grade 2:1                                                                                    

Josiah Mason College                                                                                                        ‘A’ Levels    2 BIRMINGHAM                                                                                                                   ‘O’ Levels     5


Fluent spoken Punjabi, as well as comprehension of Hindi & Urdu.



People management and organisation has been an essential part of working within the broadcasting industry. During my career I have always considered value and assessment as a key part of corporate development. The importance of creativity, within working structures as well as in programme content, has become the difference between just surviving and blossoming within the content hungry broadcast Industry.



Contractual and Consultancy Work                  March 2002 - Presently

Since the closer of RTV in March 2002, I had undertaken work from a number of production companies. I worked for Run VT in Soho, Studio 13 in Wembley, Monsoon in Birmingham, and The BOX. Recent projects have included using Multi-skills in shooting music videos and TV programmes to be shown on ZEE TV. Other work includes, Avid editing on documentary to be show on Carlton Network Television. Apart from freelance work I decide to use 2002 to travel in Malaysia, Singapore Australia and India.


Reminiscent Television Network                      Sept 2000 - March 2002                                       8-10 Denman St  London  W1

RTV was responsible for the daily operational running of 5 UK based South Asian Channel. My employment started as an Avid Express editor and quickly grew to include co-ordinating and working closely with the advertising and marketing department. Shooting, editing and creating effects for advertisements and promos were my day-to-day objectives. I worked closely with clients such as Alpha Telecom and Royal Jordanian Airlines. The airline advert involved shooting in Jordan, this was edited and composed using Avid and Combustion. These are just two of the many projects I have been involved in. These advertisements were later broadcasted on most of the South Asian Cable and Sky Digital Channels within Europe, North Africa and Middle East.

Namaste Television                                           Sept 1995 - Sept 2000                 77-87 River Road   Barking Essex IG11 OJU

Namaste Television was a cable exclusive channel, providing a unique mix of programming to second and third generation British Asians. Using our own fully equipped studios, I was fully responsible for putting together 5 hours of programmes each week. This involves all aspects of television production from brainstorming current issues, events and stories to broadcasting. I worked closely with co-ordinators and various presenters to produce a broad range of programs. A key part of this job was to organize and managing 25 staff who worked closely in small teams on a part time bases. From May 2000 Namaste TV was taken over by Hollywood On Air, with aim of developing South Asian programming for the dot com market.

AsiaNet.                                                                   1997 - 2000  

Asia Net Television is a Europe-wide South Asian Cable Channel. I was employed on a freelance basis. Applying my camera skills to a whole host of television production disciplines. Both live in-house and out-door location reports in the UK and across Europe mostly working on Beta cam SP.

Media Reach.                                                           1998 - 2000 

I have had the opportunity to work with Media Reach on a number of advertisement and modelling projects. Work has included setting up and recording screen tests for a children's film called the Thief of Baghdad and shooting advertisement for the Royal Navy Ethnic Minority Recruitment Campaign.

BBC Pebble Mill.

The contract involved pre-production, researching stories, material selection and other support work for the Asian and Afro-Caribbean department. In addition I also assisted the Midlands Today team during their live broadcasts.

BBC Auditions.

Working with the production team. I assisted in open days to audition potential presenter for positions on the Asian programming unit. My responsibilities here included administrative support for the team as well as implementing efficient interview techniques.

The Southampton Echo.

Whilst not directly involved in television production, this project gave me valuable experience in the field of journalism. This project involved location work alongside photographers and journalists, interviewing, fact gathering and story writing.