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So, just why are you here?.
Basically, you want to know who I am. Well, what do you know already?
You know that I'm not called "Pegasus" for one thing, and that my favourite artist is, the very talented, Steve A. Roberts.
You can see more of Steve's exceptional work on my Art page.
I could just say, "my name is Ken. I'm on the wrong side of 50 years old, and I live Wales".
All of which is correct, but it doesn't tell you much about me.
The biggest influence on my life is, without doubt, my family. Without them, I'm nothing. On my Family page you will find out more about them.
My job, is that of, househusband and my hobbies are Motor Sport, Football and of course, sitting at a screen going square eyed, and I don't mean just Television.
The real me is in here somewhere. If you look closely enough, you may even find me. Good hunting.

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