Harlem Lodging House
Est. Approx. 1901
We're in need of active lodgers, please join!
"Hey... can I help ya?" A girl asks coming down the stairs.  "I haven't seen ya round these parts much, ya must be new. Da names Relic." She holds out her hand, and then pulls it back and wipes it on her pants. 
"Sorry, we're still getting this place up and running."  She pushes loose pieces of her hair back under her bandana which is covering her shoulder-length brown hair.  Her eyes are a hazel looking, and she is slightly short, about 5'5.  "Want me to give you a tour?" 

At your nod, she continues. "You're in da parlor now... it's still getting fixed up, so it won't look like much now, but it'll be great when it's all fixed up.  Dis is da kitchen," Relic says and points to a room to her right, "Da guy over dere is my best friend, Ruin. He's trying to fix something right now, you'll meet him later.  Mr. Karroya runs da place, he's real nice, if ya want ta meet him, he has
his office in there off the parlor."
"Upstairs is the bunkrooms, and the storage closet is on the third floor," Relic explains, leading you up a flight of stairs to the bunkrooms.  "Dis is where da guys stay." 

It's a rather large room, with about 40 bunks, a washroom off to the right, and 4 or 5 windows.  Sheets and blankets were laying all over the room.  "We're painting," she explains.  "Or I was... I'll get back to it later."
"Now over here is the goil's bunk." This room is about the same size, able to hold almost 45 bunks.  It also has a washroom off to the side and a fair amount of windows. 

"Now if ya want ta go ta da storage room, which at da moment looks like a real storage room, but it'll be fixed up by da end of da week, ya take dis back stair case ova here.  If ya take da one ta da right you'll end up on the roof.... I think dat's all ya need ta know. I'm gonna try an' get some paintin' done, but if ya need anythin', let me or Ruin know." 

She leaves you standing in the middle of the hall, while she goes back to the boy's bunkroom and resumes painting.
Mate comes into the room with Lethal, carrying a bucket of paint, and a couple rags.  Mate smiles pushing some of the hair out of her face, "Heya! Welcome to Harlem.  Excuse the paint," She says holding out her hand.

"If you need anything, let me know," Lethal says, speaking up.  "If you want to leave a message for someone, there's a bulletin board over there," he points to a board over in the corner. "But if you want to stay here, you better go see Mr. Karroya in
the office."

"If you come back here later and we're not here, check the poker hall.  Usually we go there at night," Mate adds.  "Talk to you later." She smiles and walks over to Ruin and Relic, Lethal trailing behind.  "Are we painting the parlor white or a beige color?  I found these in the attic...."
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