Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn was originally Harleen Quinzell, Criminal psychologist. She meets the Joker, starts working with him and as she quotes "my whole life I had always listened to other people. Mr J. he listened to me". That began her saga as Harley Quinn, Jokers sidekick and lover, one of Batman's greatest female adversaries.
After graduating from Gotham University with a degree in criminal psychology, Harleen decides to intern at Gotham City's Arkham Asylum. Not satisfied with the run of the mill patients Harleen manages to get interview and therapy time with thebaddest of the bad, The clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker.
Not one to pass up a good oppertunity The Joker manages to weasle his way into Harleen's life with tragic stories of parental abuse and a horrible childhood, soon enough she finds herself falling for this tragically misunderstood man and helps him escape from Arkham. When The Batman brings a broken and beaten Joker back into the asylum Harleen snaps, running off and assumin her new alter ego, Harley Quinn, brimming with love and psychosis, she springs The Joker from Arkham and joins him on his quest to bring down the Batman. Harley is a formidable foe, excelling in gymnastics and fighting, with a keen, but twisted mind for crime. Teaming up with Poison Ivy, the girls are a duo to be reckoned with.
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COMIC ORIGINS: The DC comic origins of Harley run almost to The Animated Series...after a massive earthquake rocks Gotham, Harley is freed from her cell in Arkham after waiting for her puddin' to rescue her, which he of course never does.The Joker,not happy about her return, promptly attempts to blast her away in a rocket, when the rocket crashes Poison Ivy happens upon a battered and brusied Harley and for some reason takes pity on her, nursing her back to health and also fortifing her strength and speed with a special concotion.After hearing her story, Ivy implores Harley to use her new skills to extract revenge on the man she loved, in the end she winds up back in the Jokers arms, after severly kicking his ass, and between Ivy and Joker embarck on an new carreer of Bat hunting,theft,mischief,and fun!
all pics property Warner Brothers Animation/DC Comics, Bruce Timm/Terry Dodson.
The Queens of Crime.
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