Welcome to my WebPages! This is suppose to be relaxing .. LOL yeah right. . Those of you that have come to visit before will see a difference.  Welp, its been a while since I have updated this site.   I have just been very busy with life in general and learning how to be a single mom. I'm studing to be a teacher at Modesto Junior College. I'm going to be teaching America's youth. BWahahah.. Now that's funny. 

I'm a fulltime mother, student. I'm a busy lady!! This page is something I do for fun. I enjoy working with computers, people, reading, and learning new things.

Well, I am looking into adding a web cam on this page. Let me know what you think? Also if you have any ideas about what else you would like to see on the page. Aim to please that's the motto. 

Keep coming back I'll be updating this page often. Let me know what you think of the new look!!





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