Harley Michael Born on earth May 5, 99
5 lbs 5.5 oz
Went to sleep on earth and awoke in heaven...
Daddy’s little eagle flies in heaven with all the other little angels...
Little Eagle Boy

My Precious Harley
I fell in love with you my son, the first day that I felt you move inside of me! I dreamed of all of the wonderful things that we would do together and what you would be when you grew up. I always wanted only the best for you! Even though our plans have changed, doesn't mean my love for you has. I Love You with all of my heart and that will never stop.

I miss holding you, hearing you cry, and watching you grow into a bigger version of you daddy. Oh, how you looked just like him. You've made us so proud in so many ways. You showed what unconditional love is. You've taught me how to be strong. I can feel you watching over me. I can feel you little hand on my shoulder guiding me through the hard times. I feel very blessed to have such an adorable little son as my angel above.

I can't explain or even begin to understand why things ended up the way they did. Why God took you away at such a young age. All I can explain is that my love for you will never end. I think about you everyday. I see your cute little face everytime I close my eyes. I Love You Harley!! You are truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. My most prized possession. I know that we will be together someday and I am looking forward to that day. Until then, please know how very much Daddy and I. Love and miss you! I am the luckiest Mommy in the world! XOXO
All of my Love,

Ray & Lisa... Harley's Dad and Mom.

My Son,
You don't know how much I wish you could hear me say these words to you. I miss you Harley! I miss holding you, hearing you cry, saying your first words and watching you take your first steps. I may not have had the chance to do these things, but I have had the privilege of being your father. I will not fail you.

You have brought such a joy into my life in a way that is very hard to explain, but where you are there aren't any unanswered questions. I want you to know how much I Love You. But, it is up to you Son at so young to help me make it through this. You are the one to show me the way. To let me know everything will be all right and to continue on with only you in my heart.

You fill my thoughts every moment of every day and that will NEVER end. I know I am asking a lot of you, but you have to help your mommy and I to go on. We know that the gentle breeze is your breath upon our skin, the blue of the sky is you watching over us, the sun giving us the warmth of your love, and the moon is the light that leads us through the darkness.
I love you, cherish you, but most of all I miss you!

To all our friends and family:

We would like to thank all of you for sharing our little angel with us. Harley means more to us than you can ever know. The day that we let our son go to Heaven was the hardest day we have ever had to face. That wasn't the way it was supposed to be. Our little boy should be here on earth with us. We felt so empty and alone. Harley has touched so may people's lives and for that we are grateful! We feel very blessed to have the most adorable little angel as our son. He has shown us what real love is, and has a piece of our hearts in his little hands. He is by our side everyday, helping esase our grief. He has helped us to realize what is really important to us. Most importantly, he is and always will be our son. We look forward to the day when we will get to hold him in our arms again. Thank you for sharing our sorrow... We love you, Harley... Til the day after never! Mommy and Daddy

My littlest Angel,
You Grandma was with you the night you were born. I coached your Mommy through the labor and then your delivery. The minute you arrived, I saw a most beautiful baby boy who looked exactly like you daddy. I felt so privileged that God allowed me to be with you and your mommy at your birth.

I held you in my arms and rocked you in the rocking chair in the nursery at the hospital for at least an hour. I told you how beautiful you are, how important you are to all of us and how much each of us love you! I also told you how much your Mommy loves you even though she was so sick that she couldn't hold you and/or talk to you. I sang songs to you and told you about each of your family members. They would have loved to have held you, kissed you, and loved you!

I will think of you each and every day as you will always be one of my Grandchildren! You will always be very special to me and yes.... You are my Littlest Angel!! I love you now and for always!!

Your Grandma