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I know what yer thinking. NO WAY anybody who designed this front page here could POSSIBLY make spiffy themesets on my favourite character. I've gotta get out here now! AIYEEE!!!

WAAAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't be so presumptious! As it so happens, this page here is just *my* taste, but that doesn't mean I can't temporarily suspend it to create user-friendly designs for the rest of the world! (Incidentally, I think this front page is VERY pretty, nyeh! )
So what's this site all about, anyway? It is yet another of my many enterprises and combines my love of continuity, spiffy graphics and comic book/cartoon characters into one big metling pot, and the result?


(Ok, I know the name is lame, but it feels good on my tongue! Don't you guys ever say something just cos it feels good?)

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Maybe yer here because you, for some unknown reason, happened to stumble on this site looking for some beeeeeeeyotiful graphics for your website. More likely you came here from my Base of Operations, The Whacky Zany Websites Head Quarters (I like lame names, leave me alone!). So what are you going to find?

Themesets. But not themesets of the usual calibre. These are themesets taking a popular movie/cartoon/comic book character and designing a look around them to decorate yer website with! Cool, huh? Let me outline the essentials:

1. All is FREE!!! That's right, you can lift these graphics from this site and use them on yours for the grand total of SQUADOOB! All the graphics on this site bar the ones used here on this index page - THESE ones are solely for MY use, so please respect that :)
2. Unlike other themeset sites, you CANNOT buy any of these themesets for your exclusive use. The reason for this is that all of these characters (with the sole exception of Herlikin, who is my own creation, and her set ain't for sale neither!) are the property of some major corporation with oddles of dollars, and they don't mind ya using their character's image - so long as you're not charging money for it! Asides, I want everyone to have fun with these :)
3. You MUST link back to this site with the link image provided in all sets. I do not own the characters portrayed here, and am not trying to claim copyright on their image, but please understand that I did work hard to make all of these images myself and would like to be at least credited for that, if you please. Again the exception to this is Herlikin, she is absolutely 100% my property, so you really have to link back if you use her themeset :)
4. What happens if you don't find your favourite character here, but would like a themeset designed on them? E-MAIL me! I'd be happy to do it! Again, I will not charge money for this service. The only condition is it be allowed to be displayed here with the rest of the sets and used by anyone else who should happen to wander along and like it.
5. Although the sets are each designed around a specific character, I've tried to make it so you don't have to use it for a website about that character. You can use them on a personal page simply to reflect a love of yours, or if you just dig the set!
6. I am an amateur and I have *extremely* limited graphics program. How amateur? I started doing this in July, 2000. How limited? Most of the graphics are made using that inbuilt paint program that comes with all PCs, and imageweb (which is still a nifty little program!) I don't have fancy schmancy stuff, so be gentle! I do make sure everything that makes it to this site is neat and pretty. Anyhoo - you'll never know unless ya look, right?

PLEASE NOTE!: All themesets up until the 'Bound Themeset' are designed for 800x600 screen resolutions!. As of 16 March, 2001, all themesets will be designed for 1024x768 screen resolutions.(including this front page)


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Esmeralda! Spiderman! Columbine! Shan Yu!

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