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Here’s what you've been waiting for - the new and updated web site. For all of you who are new to MAG, we a politically based lobbying group who have been pestering the politicians for about 10 years in Harlow and from the Sixties nationwide.

We are the people who fought for the scrapping of the anti-tampering law, which if implemented, would have meant you couldn't have even fitted a different make of tyre or brake pad from standard, let alone have a dynojet kit or carbon rear hugger. We were the ones who stopped the 100 bhp limit coming in and stupid ideas like leg protectors (which apart from being very ugly are dangerous and don't work).

Yes, we have our uses but most of the time we concentrate on the social aspect of biking - rallies, parties, shows and run outs which are fast and slow for all abilities. We meet at the Crown Pub on a Thursday where the landlord is very biker-friendly. Sometimes we have the odd guest or fun night. So pop down and see us. We are always greeting new people so don't be shy - get down here and see what you’re missing!

See you soon, Steve (Rep)