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OCTOBER 10, 2002

Yay, 2 updates in one week's time!!  Got an update or so in the HUMOR section and a new link to a friend's
homepage.  Pbarry7, who's a Super Awesome Person on this site.  His is pretty much about Pbarry, Pbarry, Pbarry, with a whole lot of cool junk like sweet @$$ desktop photos and the best set of links anywhere.

Got a demo almost ready to go for Legacies of Dondoran... just need another week or so of development.  This is the revamp of the original, but this time I'm not a n00b at RPGMaker2000.  Stay tuned.

For the time being, I'll be updating my Legacies of Dondoran (DONDORAN) section and including some informational maps, graphics, and text files.  Should intice to play the actual RPG in progress.  Unfortunately I'll have to delete some stuff to make room for it all.  In any case, this site is geared now exclusively to Legacies of Dondoran and Frickin Funny Pictures.  Warcraft3... well... is a let down, and my SC friends have checked out of the online gaming biz.

Pbarry7 Homepage
OCTOBER 20, 2002

WHAT?!  Another update and it hasn't been half a year?  Phew.  I'm spent.

Anyways, the Legacies of Dondoran page has been supremely updated.  It now has informational files and pictures related to and outlining the storyline of my RPG.  The Demo for LOD is

NOVEMBER 21, 2002

YAAAAY!!!!!!!!!   THE DEMO FOR LEGACIES OF DONDORAN FOR RPGMAKER2000 IS COMPLETE!!! I posted it on HERE.   I'm proud of her, she's a beaut'.  Giver a looksie!!

MORE GOOD NEWS!!  RPGMaker2003 is coming out in America (in english) soon!  It'll cost money, but who cares?  It now features a Final Fantasy style battle system and hundreds more scripting commands that RPGMaker2000.

DECEMBER 15, 2002

Not much new happening around here except a budding young RPG creator named Gohanmastaflex.  He plans an RPG starring "Robo-Jesus," centered around his loss of humanity because of religious conformity and the world-domination of the catholic church.  It should turn out more plausible than it sounds.

For now, one of the characters will be "
CYBER-BUDDHA," a buddhist-bloc counterpart of Robo-Jesus. 

Merry X-mas!!! 
(Which basically means, have a money and advertising filled commerical holiday!!  Because that'll all you'll get in the next few weeks.)

FEBRUARY 5, 2003

In light of recent events... I'd just like to say one eensie thing.


Got some neat mech graphics for a magicesque card game my posse and I are currently endeavoring.  Larry, Curly, and Moe.

FEBRUARY 24, 2003

!Hola!  Bienvenidos a la hogar electronica del Harmonico.

For any of you who don't already know, I have a keen interest in the
Myers-Briggs personality indicator tests.  I'm an xNTP. (tested so borderline on Introverted or Extraverted that i'm just going with X) This belongs to the larger category of types, the NT Rationals.  For anyone out there who has "NT" in their four letter designation, or has interest in this stuff and wants to insult NTs (dirty hippies) I created a yahoo group that right now has all the links you need for your personality test needs... finding out more about your types and the careers and relationship factors associated.

Join up! It takes about 5 seconds.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2003

So how is everybody?  It's only been a little bit since I last updated this website.  DONT LOOK AT THE DATE OF THIS ONE AND THE LAST ONE, JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.  I'm going to Italy next Spring and starting a fraternity chapter at UNI with my friends.  It should be a good time.  Oh, and some time in the last six months, my counter hit 10,000.  Woo!!  Only 3,000 of those are me!!!

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