Andrew's Harmonica Music Page
Hello, my name is Andrew, and I am a major fan of music.  I have been playing the harmonica for over 25 years.  I love to play harmonica sheet music, as well as collect and play many different types of harmonicas.I will also link you to places where you can purchase  these things online.   In my web page I am going to show you some of my favorite harmonica music, and some of the types of harmonicas that I like to play.  I am also going to share with you some of my favorite audio cd's and my favorite artists. 
Here is some of my favorite harmonica sheet music:
Disney Songs-with 7 great disney songs, includes a harmonica
The Perfect Harmonica Method-instruction method approved by New York City Board Of Education
The Classic Rock Fake Book-including the hit songs "Born To Be Wild" and "Layla"
The Best Fake Book Ever- with over 1000 songs!
Selections From Star Wars-including award winning music by John Williams such as "The Duel Of The Fates" and "The Imperial March"
30 Cool Ways To Play The Blues- with great blues chord patterns
Here are some of my favorite places to shop for harmonica sheet music and accessories online!
Encore Music Company         Harmonica Harbor
Harmonica Spot                 Harmonica Puppy
Super Duper Music                  Music Expert
I highly suggest any of these places for a great selection and service!

To SEARCH for Harmonica music and accessories Click Here!
My favorite types of harmonicas:
Hohner Blues Band Harmonica
Hohner Blues Harp Harmonica
Hohner Old Standby Harmonica
Hohner Marine Band Harmonica
Hohner Chromonica 260 Harmonica
Here are some great harmonica accessories:
Hohner Miniature Harmonica Keychain
Lee Oskar Harmonica Holder
Harmonica Case
Harmonica Belt
Lee Oskar Harmonica Tool System Kit
I love to listen to music as well as play it. I enjoy listening to all types of music.   I have a large collection of audio cd's by many different artists.  Here are a few of my favorites:
Eva Cassidy
The Beatles
Celine Dion
Elvis Presley
Billy Joel
The Backstreet Boys
Christina Aguilera
Britney Spears
Faith Hill
Eric Clapton
The Doors
Fleetwood Mac
Here are some of my favorite places to purchase compact discs online!:
Ear Floss
CD Puppy
These places have a huge selection of audio cd's to choose from plus great service!  I highly recommend them!

To SEARCH for Great Audio CD's Click Here!
I hope that you have enjoyed my harmonica music web site.  I hope that you also enjoyed all of the great music links.  I hope that they helped you in your search for harmonicas, harmonica sheet music, and audio cd's online!  Thanks for visiting my webpage!!!!
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