HIHI!! I'm glad you came to see the pictures of our pretty new home. I'll add some more once we get all the furniture in!!

Moving in: August 2002

The front of the house, I need to take a better picture.

Still the front, still a cruddy picture!!

the entry hall... come on, I know you're excited!

the living room - this room opens to the front yard

the 'great' room - this used to be two rooms, a kitchen and a family room, both kinda smallish. it was remodeled into one large room.

another angle of this room... the kitchen area/island

and another angle...the dining area/door to the garage

another angle... the room looks out to the pool

and yet another angle.. this remodeling was done very recently, the cupboards are all brand new, as is the cook top oven. the sellers were even kind enough to leave their HUGE side-by-side fridge, even though it wasn't negotiated into the price of the house

the hallway.... oooOOOOOoooOOOO!

the big bathroom... first door to the right off of the above hallway. the color is awful, but i like the big mirrors :)

same bathroom... those knobs have GOT to go!!

the guy who lived here was a real do-it-yourself-er. he put that peel and stick fake linoleum in, and couldn't even make it straight :P

a bedroom... first door to the left. this is gonna be mom's room. we repainted it cuz it was DIRTY, and well we know mom wouldn't be able to handle that ;)

the other bedroom. it's BLUE!! and has cute lil bugs stenciled around the room. we're putting the lizard and our computers in here.

the bugs

more bugs

even more bugs

the laundry room... it has the same hideous knobs on the cabinets. this room opens up to the patio/pool

the pantry is off of the laundry room. this pic does not do justice to the size of it. it's MASSIVE! I painted the pantry too. what fun!!!

Master bedroom, at the end of the hall.

master bath - it's kinda small, and it's carpeted.. ewwwww... we'll prolly rip out the wallpaper and put in a new floor and paint this room like maybe over christmas vacation

MY walk-in-closet. it has a built-in cedar wardrobe, and a full length mirror

me, taking a picture of the above mentioned closet

a look back down the hall, and at HIS little-bitty closet!

Our room has a water-front view :)

here's a view of the back yard. there is a cute little arbor bench, and a large garden shed (that needs to be painted) we also need to trim the trees before those ugly pink flowers end up in our newly-replastered pool :)

There is a gated area off of the sliding glass door. It was made to keep kids away from the pool, but it will serve us nicely as a place for the dogs to sleep until we get their dog run built behind our bedroom :)