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This is the home page of George, Jenni, Josh, Carl, Joe and Debi. We are one big happy family, of course we all have our problems from time to time, but the joys very much out weigh the problems.

What's happening now:
  Josh and Carl are in High School and doing great.  Josh is also going to WCCC to get his certs for EMT.  Carl is in Protective Services at Tech and will be an EMT at the end of his Junior year.  Joe and Deb are in middle school and are both doing great.   

  We moved to our own place in a wonderful area.  It is quite peaceful here.  DJ is doing great with the change.  He loves the new place.

  I finally went back to work in September after my last back injury finally healed up.  I really enjoy my new job and the new friends I have made there.    

  George will be starting at a new place at the beginning of November. He is staying at 14, but leaving EAPS.  I think he finally got tired of me worrying about him when he was in Wilkensburg trying to save lives.

  I am still working on our Family Tree.  I have gone back several generations and have even found the name of the boat my Great Grandmother arrived on in New York and from where it departed.  I was never into history in school, but the older I get, the more it interests me.  I want to be able to show my Grand children who they came from and where. 

Updated on October 22, 2008
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