My First Web Page
My name is Marina and I have two wonderful boys. They are 8 and 16. I like to adopt dragons as you can tell. All of my web pages are under construction so please check back later to see the new pages.
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Second Page Of Limited Dragons
If any of you who go to any of my web pages will see X where picitures should be is because someone is HOT LINKING my pages so I guess this all you will see for  awhile. The people who do this are WRONG. I take pride in my web pages and for someone to do this is unfair. You know who you are who did this to me and you are in the WRONG. The saying goes Whatever goes around comes around. PLEASE people never never do this to anyone.
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My gift page for SAFF
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My Second Gift Page For SAFF
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Complexity Web Page (My son's Dragon)
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