Harmony Australian Shepherds

Our Beginning

While working in a pet shop-no dogs sold-an aquaintance came by, she had just rescued a little blue merle puppy who had been thrown into a dumpster, she was and I think still is, an aussie person, Selena Poplin. Selena felt like the puppy was an aussie mix, and allowed me to take her home. Doozier had the face, fur and coloring of an aussie, but ears and body of a german shepherd, her tail had been docked... she became the love of my husband Gary 's life!! He mourns her to this day and Doozier left us 15 years ago! When we moved from North Carolina to Alabama I bought an aussie pup I had hoped to make my foundation and conformation show prospect, she was a sweetheart, but not the stuff foundations are made of. Tazmin now lives on a 1000 acre farm and does what she was meant to do, work! We now are lucky enough to have two nice bitches here at Harmony. Zelda AKA "ASCA CH. Callisto's Yes I Believe" and Sydney AKA "". Click on their links to learn more about them. They join our 3 boxers, 2 horses, 3 cats, 3 ducks, 2 chickens, and yes, our 7 children.

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