Updates to My Site

August 28, 2002 -- Whew! Itís been a while! Iíve made updates again to the layout of my site, and have kept the content mostly the same. The only new content is my new welcome page and a few new page names. By making an overall general index site, I have made it much easier for me to add on other pages, thus my site will now begin to really grow in earnest. I canít wait to continue!

April 3, 2002 -- Another massive update! I havenít updated the content of my site, but I have done drastic changes to itís layout and I have changed most of the backgrounds. I didnít want my page looking all uniform. I have also managed to get rid of the borders around the buttons that have links. It looks so much better this way!

March 21, 2002 -- I adopted a hedgehog! Isnít it cute? I also worked on some new HTML to make it so that the backgrounds donít move when the text is scrolled. And I changed a lot of the color scheme, especially on the tables and with the text colors. IĎm really having fun with this site!!

March 17, 2002 -- Today I have changed the name of my site from ďYukikoís Page of Gem and Flower LoreĒ to ďYukikoís Backyard Garden.Ē Going along with this change is a brand new banner. Someday soon I hope to be able to make my pages look a little less drab and a lot more pretty. Thisíll be the best gosh-darn site there ever was!

March 16, 2002 -- I compiled a list of the names of the full moons in each month and have uploaded it to my site. I have added links to it everywhere. Not much else though. Iíve been busy trying to learn some new HTML to improve this site even more! As long as I keep working, the possibilities are endless!