Harmony Parties
What is Harmony?

Other than a state of being, Harmony is a very select group of people in Southern California who gather on a monthly to semi monthly basis to indulge in our own and each others sexuality.

Who is invited?

You must be on our list inorder to receive an invitation.  If you're on our list, you will be contacted.  Parties are INVITE ONLY and attendies must RSVP.  Everyone is considered VIP.

Where is Harmony?

Harmony parties are held in the Southern California area, prodominently in LA, Ventura and Orange counties.  Harmony parties are never held at the same place twice.  A three week notice of "party date" is given to selected members.  A seven day advance "notice of location" is given.

How doI become a part of Harmony?

Before contacting us...READ OUR RULES OF MEMBERSHIP.  If you qualify, the process is very simple. Email us with your picture and info: age, sex, location, and email address. Also, included some personal information about yourself; likes dislikes, sexual preference, etc.

Rules of Membership

Must be between the ages of 21 and 35. 
Males must be accompanied with females.

Party Rules

Comfortable with your and others sexuality.
Absolutely no aggressive behavior.
Ask first.
No means no.