1. Papyrus Plants: The papyrus plant grows in the fresh water of the Nile. The ancient Egyptians used its stems for building ships and for making papyrus paper. 

  2. Cutting and slicing the plant: The internal parts of the papyrus plant will be sliced into strips, where after the slices are hummered in order to squeeze the water. The strips will be put in water for three days until it becomes transparent and flexible.
  3. Putting strips together: The strips are cut to the required length and placed on a piece of cotton by making two layers, one horizontally placed and the other vertically.
  4. Press the layers: The sheets are now ready to be placed between two cardboard, that press the sheets for about three days. 
  5. Painting the pictures: Now, the pictures are ready to be painted. Some lay-outs resemble the paintings of thousands of years ago, showing the old-ancient hieroglyphes.
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