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The girl's death, according to the coroner, was the most brutal crime his office had ever encountered. He'd seen savage death in his time, but the mind that had destroyed this life was possessed by a special wickedness. Every inch of the girl's body bore evidence of a strong chemical emulsifying agent. The coroner at first thought it was a residue left by insects until he realized the agent was man-made. Detergent. Louanne Frances Fleming had died brutally, but afterwards, she had been cleaned like a new car.
— from the work in progress

PARADIGM RED — The terrifying warning that signals an emergency has occurred in one of the most powerful nuclear reactors in the world. Finding the sabateur - and his bombs - is a race against a relentless clock.

"It's central notion has built-in excitement... and his plot is ingenious."
— New York Times Review of Books

A Cold War tale of espionage, intrigue and military priorities where enemies within and enemies without meet in a plot that spins to an explosive finish of surprise, triumph, death and vengence.

"After reading Harold King's Paradigm Red I didn't think he could come close again. But his latest book is another corking good work of suspense."
— Chattanooga Times

"Based partly on fact, this thriller, like all good ones, doesn't give us time to catch our breath." — Chicago Sun-Times

American spymaster Alec Gunther is on the trail of a superbly accomplished Cuban mercenary who is killing CIA operatives. A chase with nerve-bending speed over two continents that pits two professionals against each other in a duel to the end.

"Assured... an exciting story!" — New York Times Book Review
"Very good indeed." — Kirkus Reviews
"Builds his suspense skillfully... a real surprise ending!" — Publishers Weekly

Crackles with unbearable tension in a deadly cat-and-mouse chase between a resourceful amateur and a fanatical professional assassin - the most calculating antagonist in years - in a war of wills that explodes in a nerve-shattering finale, as one will possess the urn that bears the remains of Adolph Hitler.

"One of the better political thrillers... a manhunt that equals Day of the Jackal... subtle, complex and exciting."
—Publishers Weekly

One of the most chilling dramas ever set against the tapestry of war, focusing on the brutality and vanities of espionage - and one man who strikes out with unconditional rage to protect the woman he loves.

"...a book you shouldn't pick up idly. When you begin reading, you will find yourself racing until the satisfying finish." — Kansas City Star

"Apt to set hearts beating a little faster..." — Publishers Weekly

A team of medical researchers, working to solve a children's disease, discover the fountain of youth in a genetic experiment... until it goes terribly wrong.

"An astonishing idea... If there was a prize for ingenious plots, The Hahnemann Sequela would win it hands down... and the suspense doesn't pause for minute." — Elmore Leonard

"Harold King and his new novel The Hahnemann Sequela has all the fingernail biting excitment a book can hold. Writers with this kind of imagination and skill are few and far between." — Empire Magazine

"A gripping book. King is now the undisputed Crown Prince of Suspense. The book's a real page turner, the subject as current as tomorrow's headlines, the perfect book to stir the blood on a cold winter's night." — Robert Duncan, author of The Q Document

A desperate search in Himalayas for a fabled diamond that once belonged to Alexander the Great. A major novel of malevolence, of breathtaking danger and uncommon devotion, probing the depths of cruelty and compassion as it charts a course of survival through the human heart.

"It is not often that the figment of a writer's imagination passes successfully into reality. This intricate novel of high adventure manages just that."
— Chattanooga Times

King has been a writer for more than 25 years. His topics range from nuclear reactor disaster to Himalayan subculture. He's been a taxi driver, construction worker, newspaper reporter, desktop publisher, internet editor and university instructor. He makes his home in Michigan, where he is working on his next book.

Published by Bobbs-Merrill (hardcover) and Pocket Books (paperback).

Also published in England, Japan, Italy, Sweden.

Feature film: Red Alert, 1977.

Published by Bobbs-Merrill (hardcover) and Pocket Books (paperback).

Also published in England, Germany, Japan.

Published by Coward, McCann & Geoghegan (hardcover) and Pocket Books (paperback).

Also published in England, Italy, Spain, Germany.

Published by Coward, McCann & Geoghegan (hardcover) and Pocket Books (paperback).

Also published in England, Sweden, Japan.

Published by Putnam & Sons (hardcover)and Berkley Books (softcover).

Also published in England, Sweden, Italy, Turkey.

Published by Arbor House (hardcover)and Pinnacle Books (paperback).

Also published in England, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Netherlands.

Published by Donald I. Fine, Inc. (hardcover)and Lynx Books (paperback).

Also published in England, Germany, Japan, Spain.