2a. Harold the day after Foxtrot Ridge with a

captured AK-47.  I have a new shirt on.  We had

nothing after the battle.  The AK 47 was later

presented to Col. "Blackjack" Davis.



1a. This man called in air strikes. 

Does anyone know his name?

3a. Disabled tank off of Hwy 9

4a. Fox 2-3 Platoon  Commander. 

Lt. Bill Dunlap

Was from Homer, Nebraska


5a. Staff Sgt. ?, getting a foot rub from the Navy.


6a. Fox 2-3-3 CP Radio Operator.

What does 2-3-3 mean?  2nd Batalion-3rd Marines-3rd Marine Division.

I thought we were in the 1st Marines.  Oh, well,

I guess that's why they called us

2-3 "rent a battalion".  


All photos courtesy of Harold R. Blunk.

His mom saved all these.






Harold's Nam 3

Harold's Nam 4

Harold's Nam 5

Never To Be Forgotten-John Winslow

KIA July 30, 1969

Harold's Silver Star



BRAVO 1/12