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        to all persons visiting this website. It is my personal website covering basic information about me, my hobbies, favorites, likes dislikes and many more.

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Here are a few links which I visited mostly and found very useful . As I am interested in Web design, so some of    the following links belong to web design.

    Click here for details.....

The following downloads are free of charge for everyone. Download them!

1. Basic HTML

    This e-book is very useful for those who want to learn HTML. It covers basic HTML tags and introduction.

2. Towards Understanding Islam

    This book is written by Syed Abu al a'ala Maududi. It covers basic information about Islam (Kalmah Prayers, Al-Saom, Hajj, Zakaat)

3. The Holy Quran (coming Soon....)

Sorry, This Section is currently unavailable!

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