::Haroon Rashid::

Haroon Rashid ...sensational singer , electrifying performer, skillful producer, aesthetically pleasing composer and a magnanimous persona , was born in London on 11th of may.Haroon can be counted in people who are born to be prince , as he is referred as the PRINCE OF ASIAN POP, which he is indeed .Music is in his heridty as his mom is a well-know opera singer from New-Zealand.His Father is from Pakistan which makes him Pakistani.His very first Band was called The Idiosyncrasies by him , But lately after completeing his BBA n returning to his mother land (actually father's land), He formed a band called AWAZ in 1992 , then they made the Video of janeman (which was composed by Haroon at the age of 16) , Local TV channels didn't show any interest so finally Haroon decided to sent it to MTV and Janeman became the first ever Urdu/Hindi pop song to air on MTV.Then the band got splitted after tremendous success of their three albums n two singles. Haroon's First Solo album Haroon Ki Awaz was released in Oct 2000 , which proved that Haroon can do any thing , Videos from his first album ruled the music charts like Yaara , Pyareya and Chan wergay . His second solo album "LAGAN" was a block blockbuster too.Videos from his new album are still rocking the musical charts and now this

Prince Of Asian Pop has started his journey towards King of Asian Pop.