The images in Haroon's Web are protected by copyright law. Visiting my Site you are allowed to download and use the images as wallpaper on your personal computer and to share with your friends and family by email. No image  of my site, may be used in any way other then as personal wallpaper. You may print them out for personal use but not for distribution (commercial or non-profit business). You may redirect them on websites, and you are not allowed to post them yourself by different means of internet whether they be not-for-profit or commercial. You may not distribute them on CD-ROM or other archival media like DVD-ROM, gz, or tar files. You may not alter them or use elements from them in your own work (unless that work is personal, non profitable and will never be transferred to a computer other than the one on which it was created). If you need to use my artwork for print or mass distribution, please send me an email with your requirements. Consider all image use requests denied until I personally notify you to the contrary. Under no condition I Will allow any of images to be posted without the URL watermark in the lower right corner or left on few. This rule is written in stone. If you see such an image on any website I kindly ask  you to mail me and let me know for you can be sure that it's there without my knowledge. All the images on my site are made by myself in 3D softwares and Image Enhancing softwares, If any one claims that any image belongs to them, They can prove it and i will delete that image from my web site.

There are no exceptions to the above rules, and unanswered email does not mean that you have my permission.