06/15/02 photo courtesy of Percy Mui, Henize Observatory volunteer

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Harper College's Astronomy Club

Special Message

Harper College in Palatine, Illinois has its own observatory. Much of the funding and event planning is done through Planetary Studies Foundation (PSF). PSF also helps to staff Karl G. Henize Observatory every other week, for free public viewing.

The Harper Astronomy Club is made up of students from Harper College...often who are taking an Astronomy class, all who simply like looking at the night sky. We help PSF to staff Henize Observatory. Our viewing "season" starts in mid-March and runs through mid-November.

One of our advisors is Janet Landato, a Harper instructor; the other is Percy Mui, staff at Harper. The instructor of Harper's Honors Astronomy and Geology and is also a pioneer. Professor Paul Sipiera spearheaded his sixth expedition to the South Pole during January 2002 with a team of another nine people; he returned with over 33 meteorites to catalog! (For additional details on the expedition, go to www.spaceadventures.com.) All three of these extraordinary people are also members of PSF, and the organization is currently planning for an early 2004 expedition to the North Pole.

Harper Astronomy Club welcomes all to our webpage. For information on special programs at the Observatory for Scouts and other youth groups, please check www.planets.org, website for PSF.

We hope to meet you at Karl G. Henize Observatory soon. Come to visit our 100+ year old telescope and then view the sky through our new automated 'scope!

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