Harper Astronomy Club [HAC]

06/15/02 photo of rainbow over Karl G. Henize courtesy of Percy Mui, Henize Observatory Director

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Closed to the public until March 2008.

Henize Observatory will reopen for free, public viewings every other weekend from March through November.

Harper Astronomy Club [HAC] is made up of students from the college...some are taking an astronomy class, all simply like looking at the night sky. Most members assist in volunteer staffing at Henize, so we meet during Open Viewing nights. If it becomes busy, we hold the meeting afterwards and go to a local restaurant.

Harper College [Palatine, Illinois] has its own observatory and much of the funding comes through Harper's Astronomy Department. When you visit/sign in the register, it shows community interest in this educational resource and provides us with proof of attendance to keep the observatory on campus and funded by the college. The "season" for free public sky gazing at Karl G. Henize Observatory has staff opening the observatory every other week--starting in mid-March and running through mid-November. In addition to the Meade 'scope up in our dome, volunteer staff provide as many as three telescopes on ground level outside to be an accessible facility to younger folks and those with physical limitations.

HAC welcomes all to our Web pages. For more information, click the links to the left. We hope to meet you soon at our observatory. Come view the moon and planets, constellations, double stars, and some fantastic deep sky objects with us!

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