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Hello and welcome to Christian Harmonica. This is the webpage of the Christian Harmonica Yahoo Group. The group is intended to be a place of discussion for those of us who play and perform Christian music of any kind, anywhere. Whether we play in church or have recorded Christian music, this is a place to discuss harmonicas, repairs, playing techniques, problems, successes, etc. All we ask is that the discussion somehow relates to playing Christian music on the harmonica.
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Christian Harmonica Yahoo Group Rules and Guidelines:
*No flaming, swearing or other unacceptable behavior.
*Stick to the subject of the group, i.e., harmonicas and Christian music
and closely related subjects.
*Feel free to advertise your CD or service or harmonica you want to
sell but don't overdo it, please. Once a month should be enough.
*This is not a place to debate faith or religion. Negative comments
about another's faith or denomination will not be tolerated. Be considerate and think before tapping "send."      
Worship Musician Magazine
- Great resource for the Christian musician
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Harpin' an' a Whinin'
Tons of tabs and harp info  
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Glory Harp - to Support Christian Harp Players
Click here for an excellent article on playing positions on harmonica by Robert Coble that was posted to the Christian Harmonica group. Click here for an article on chugging and here for an article on circular tuned harps.