Video Shooting

The TechnoHunt Model 300

Our premium archery target system starts with everything included in the Models 50 and 200. Then this top-of-the-line, competition TechnoHunt system brings you advantages of: * Our exclusive MultiShot feature allows three shooters to participate in the same scene simultaneously * Advanced tracking capability that senses the flight path of each arrow and instantly scores each hit by each shooter.

Video Shooting Prices
# of shooters
15 min
30 min
Split Hour
Full Hour (same video
Videos Offered
Mc Kenzie Targets A variety of different 3D targets offered by The Mc Kenzie Target Company.
Larry Jones Disc Avid hunter and professional outdoorsman, Larry Jones picks his favorites to put together a fun and challenging shooting experience.
North American Combo From the plains, to the mountains and into the Northwoods, you'll hunt a variety of animals.
The Rut It's that time of year, and the only thing hotter than these animals is the shooting action.
Western Encounters From cougar to caribou, this title takes you on a hunting adventure as diverse as a Western landscape.
Little Critters OK, you guys asked for it... the most challenging shooting we've had to date. This title has snakes, frogs, birds, varmints, turtles - well, you get the idea.
Safari A great introduction to shooting the TechnoHunt system, this title offers a wide variety of shooting opportunities from two continents.
Whitetails If the thought of a huge 10-point buck gets your heart going, you'll love this title. Scene after scene, nothin' but Whitetails.

Far North Adventures

Get out the snowshoes. You'll travel from high-up in the Canadian Rockies to the wind-swept tundra, for a big-game hunting action you can't get "back home."
Bucks, Bulls, and Big Horns Head to the Rockies and hunt big-game most of us have only dreamed about.
North American Challenge 79 scenes of the biggest bowhunting challenges across the United States, North American and Canada.
North American Challenge II Challenge more great wild outdoor action, and some exciting new challenges. If you liked North American challenge, you'll love this title!

Winter League

$5.00 Entry Fee

$10.00 Per Night (40 shots)



If you would like to join a league, call for questions and prices!