Dragged into the Andromeda Galaxy by an experiment gone terribly
wrong; the persons of Deep Space 4 had no choice but to start a 
new life. A colony was established on Perseus and here is where 
they would live. Forced to start over by the Federation's urges 
to discover new life; they were trapped until; one Federation 
woman saw the truth of it all.

The Maldean Government aided us on acquiring our ship, a Maldean 
Battle Cruiser. And thus begins our attempts at revenge... the 
Federation, the Romulans, the Klingons, no one is safe. We shall 
see that Justice prevails and that those responsible for seperating 
us from our families will pay dearly. We are the crew of the 

"I am Karath Alyssa Torell, Captain of this vessel. We are 
those who have been abandoned by those who we once called friends. 
Starfleet freedom and loyalty is merely an illusion. It was they 
who stranded us here. It was they who ripped our loved ones from 
us and sent them to certain death. No longer will we blindly follow 
the orders of an arogant Vulcan. The time for action has come. 
Rise up against the facade of Starfleet. Join us in our fight for

Karath Alyssa Torell
Speech to the Maldean Government